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The broad stock market had recovered on Friday after surprisingly strong data on the U.S. labor market strongly, while Tesla investors remained somewhat more reserved. On Monday, but Tesla grew stronger than the overall market, as just before good Numbers to its China were public sales, which had declined in April, even drastically. A total of 11.095 its in the Gigafactory Shanghai-produced Model 3 have sold Tesla in may this year, reported by agencies, citing Figures from the China Association CPCA.

Tesla sold almost the entire production

After a high of 12.710 sold in China Model 3 in March, and a break-in at only 3635 Model 3 in April, Tesla seemed to in may be able to sell almost its entire monthly production of electric cars in the Chinese factory. According to the current statistics, the production in may was at 11.501 Model 3; Tesla-the information you should increase this June to 4000 per week, which would correspond to at least 16,000 in Model 3 per month, or about 200,000 per year.

According to Reports, Tesla plans to sell each one of these electric cars and to reduce, if necessary, the prices for more. In the beginning of may, the price for the base Version of the Model 3 in China had been reduced under the new state funding limit of 300,000 Yuan (39,000 euros). Soon there will be also a cheaper battery, CATL produces, which promises more range, a lower price, or a combination thereof.

Tesla stock to new all-time High

On the exchange of these data and prospects enough on Monday to allow Tesla shares in a fixed environment to a further 7 per cent to just under 950 dollars; this corresponds to a total value of 176 billion dollars. Tesla, thus exceeding for the first time, the old record closing price of a good 920 dollars, the share in mid-February, before the outbreak of the Coronavirus-crisis in the West, including the production break at the Tesla factory in Fremont had reached.

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