Tesla superchargers: the most expensive in Belgium

After the last and yet another increase, charging on a Tesla supercharger now costs €0.89/kWh in Belgium. This amount increases to €0.74/kWh with the monthly subscription at €12.99 or as a Tesla user. The Belgian maximum price is the highest tied with that of Denmark. Indeed, Finnish superchargers are at €0.55/kWh. In Luxembourg, they are €0.69/kWh, compared to €0.70/kWh in France, €0.80/kWh in Germany and €0.84/kWh in the Netherlands. At the beginning of 2020, Tesla was still charging €0.24/kWh for charging…

For comparison, an Ionity charge in Belgium is €0.79/kWh and even €0.35/kWh with the Ionity Passport at €17.99 per month. At TotalEnergies, on the other hand, it’s €0.99/kWh for terminals limited to 175 kW!

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