Test NSU: Zschäpe could be transferred to Chemnitz – Süddeutsche Zeitung

  • Beate Zschäpe could be transferred from the Stadelheim prison to Chemnitz.
  • This would be unusual as the judgment against the right-wing extremist is not yet final.
  • Zschäpe was sentenced to life imprisonment in July for a ten-year murder with the NSU terrorist group.

It's still here, as it has been for six years. Beate Zschäpe, the most famous prisoner of pre-trial detention in Germany, is still sitting in the Stadelheim prison in Munich. On the third floor of the women's detention center, view of the courtyard, to the south. She is now the longest detainee in the precautionary custody center. But it could change soon. Because there are discussions between Bavaria and Saxony, if it will not soon be moved to a more familiar area – in Chemnitz, in the local female detention center. The first had the Free press reported by Chemnitz. "There are polls," says the deputy head of JVA Stadelheim.

In reality, it is not a big deal: as soon as a verdict has been approved and has a legal force, prisoners awaiting trial are sent to prison, the country where they last lived. That is Beate Zschäpe Sachsen. Because he lived in Zwickau for years underground.

The judgment against Zschäpe has no legal value

The special in this case: although Zschäpe was sentenced to life imprisonment for ten years with the NSU terrorist group in July, but the legal force has not yet reached the verdict. There is not even a written verdict – this is not expected until next spring. And then their defenders can appeal to the appeal. Once again, the Federal Supreme Court has plenty of time to decide whether Zschäpe was rightly sentenced to life imprisonment as the accomplice of her husband Uwe Böhnhardt and Uwe Mundlos.

But obviously you do not want to wait for this. According to Article 9 of the Bavarian Preventative Custody Act, exceptions can be made – for important reasons. And there are obvious: Zschäpe has been detained for a long time, much longer than any other prisoner in Germany. There are some limitations associated with this: in normal prisons there are more opportunities to work or do vocational training, and the range of sports is also wider. In detention this is much more limited. Obviously, Zschäpe does not want to spend another two years before the verdict of the Federal Court of Justice can arrive. His lawyer Hermann Borchert had already stated in the summer that Zschäpe would soon arrive at the Aichach Women's Prison in Swabia and he could work there in the bakery. He did not arrive at that. So now Chemnitz.

For Zschäpe the installation would certainly have some advantages: although he said he had renounced the right-wing scene, he still has a lot of old acquaintances in Chemnitz who helped them a lot while going underground and later. Even her former best friend Susann Eminger lives nearby, but this could also raise security issues. Because against Susann Eminger and eight other suspects is still being investigated for the support of the NSU. The transfer must also be approved by the Federal Prosecutor's Office and by the court. And the two Ministries of Justice in Bavaria and in Saxony are included. If a decision has already been made, nobody wants to confirm. Some co-actors of the NSU process see the transfer with skepticism. "Zschäpe would be back to Chemnitz almost friends," a side line representative said.

She would certainly have supported the transfer. Once when she was taken to the Gera detention center to see her grandmother, she did not see the time of "fried Thuringian sausages" she liked. These are rare in Munich, often in Saxony. And JVA Chemnitz already knows it. There he was hosted for a short time in 2011, when it was set. Later, in a letter to a friend, he raved about the beautiful, warm cells – while it was rather cold in the west.

The evil between us

Nurse Niels Högel has killed more than a hundred people. It became rather unimpressive for the mass murderer – because many people looked away.

By Annette Ramelsberger

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