Test of the "7 de Briançon": the plan for the civil parts before the requisitions

Seven people appear in the Criminal Court of Gap on Thursday 8 November for the crime of "assistance to the illegal entry of a foreigner". Follow this day, with testimonials, photos and videos.

20 H 40 : Public Prosecutor Raphael Balland begins his requisitions.

20 HOURS : The session was just suspended after the last questions about the personality, from the defendants' lawyers. At the resumption, the president of the court will give the floor to the civil parties and then to the public prosecutor. From the courtroom, you can hear the noise of the hundreds of demonstrators still mobilized on the Place Saint-Arnoux. The strengths of the order are present, in withdrawal.

18 H 30 : While the defendants are still listened to, go back to photos on the events of the day: https://www.ledauphine.com/hautes-alpes/2018/11/08/le-proces-des-7-de-briancon -in- Paintings

17 HOURS: The hearing of the defendants is about to begin. Long debates have just been devoted to the notion of rebellion. This concerns, among the seven defendants, Mathieu Burellier. On the evening of the demonstration, the control of the 35-year-old militants would have gone wrong. He refused to submit to it, before being extrapolated from other demonstrators. Two policemen were injured. If Mathieu Burellier denounced police violence, he never made a complaint to this effect.

Philippe Poutou present among the supports

Photo The DL / Vincent OLLIVIER

The spokesman for the New Anti-Capitalist Party (NPA) and candidate for the 2012 and 2017 presidential elections, Philippe Poutou counted among the supporters of the "7 Briançon". "It is essential to be able to express solidarity and total support to these militants who are trying to help migrants and today who are repressed by justice", raises the worker and the trade unionist. Calls for a change in migration policy. "The solution is certainly not to refuse the reception of migrants, it is quite the opposite".

> His full interview in our dedicated video.

The elected representatives (left party and insubordinate France) of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region have come to give their support.

Plainclothes police check the area around Place Saint-Arnoux and the city center. Foto The DL / E.C

15 H 30 Plainclothes police control the area around Place Saint-Arnoux and the city center. At the end of the morning, they seized several hammers, lots of colored bombs and a Bengal fire, to avoid damage. In addition, the mayor of Gap passed a leaflet to traders, recommending them to "remove from the public any external support or furniture that could be used as a bullet", given the "risk of possible disturbances and overflows" in the margin. mobilization for the "3 + 4 Briançon" process.

The flyer that the mayor of Gap passed to traders in anticipation of possible excesses at the margins of the "7 Briançon" process.

The flyer

While the hearing still continues in court, 500 people demonstrate in the streets of Gap

A mobilization that echoed up to Toulouse, with the Cimade.

The two defendants Benoît Ducos and Mathieu Burellier spoke at the time of the suspension of the hearing, at the beginning of the afternoon. Interview with our journalist Guillaume Faure

1.30pm: A morning brief hearing in less than 3 minutes from our journalist Sandie Bircan of the Gap Court

Many anonymous came to support the 7 Briançon, as Melissa, Barcillonnette. Interviewed by Guillaume Faure

12:30 pm: The suspension of the meeting is scheduled around 13 hours. According to the police, there are about 850 people in the place of Saint-Arnoux, between the court, the prefecture and the hotel of the department.

The mayor of Guillestre, Bernard Leterrier, is one of the rare high-mountain buildings present: "First of all, our citizens are involved in the reception …" Interview by Emilie Chauvot

Foto The DL / E.C.

half past eleven While the Marseille activists' cars have arrived, the atmosphere becomes festive. The Batucada de Crest (Drôme) gave the rhythm. He will also give rhythm this afternoon during a walk to Gap.

11 HOURS: At least 600 people are crowded in front of the court. Among these, the president of Cimade France, Christophe Deltombe. He gave his opinion on this process: "We are facing a form of institutional abuse against migrants and the people who help them".

The complete interview can be found in our video.

First images of the morning at 10:30.

The activist of the Roya Valley, Cédric Herrou, shares his indignation for access to the court.

10 h 10 : The Italian Eleonora Laterza is not at the hearing. The "7 de Briançon" are 6 on the bench of the accused.

What we know after just over an hour of hearing

Me Djermoune and Me Faure-Brac have raised the nullity of the custody of Théo and Bastien. "No objective element justifies the opening of an investigative flagrancy, asking for the cancellation of the placement in custody and subsequent acts," said Faure-Brac. The public prosecutor recalled that "flagrance" is not "the author but the offense". And he opposes nullity. The court withdrew to take into consideration the proposal to cancel the proceedings concerning Bastien and Theo. But also the conjunction of the two rows: that of "3" and "4".

9:50 : The invalidity request has been rejected, the files are attached.


Foto The DL / E.C

9 h 30 about 400 people have already gathered in front of the court in Gap and in Place Saint-Arnoux where several barnum have been set up. The "3 + 4" process Briançon started a "hour ago.

An important security device is currently distributed throughout the court where there are at least a dozen CRS trucks.

In Gap, the CRS and the national police are positioned around the square. An anti-riot truck is also available. On the main roads of the department, including Savines and La Saulce, the gendarmes carry out the checks. The DL / G.F

Back to top … support night

Foto The DL / E.C.

It was already 800, this Wednesday night, in Queyron's room. Guillestre's place hosted a support concert for "3 + 4" Briançon. The Passport Quartet group, Massilia Sound System and the KTA company responded. One of the MCs of Massilia's sound system has answered our questions: "Solidarity should not be a crime, I think it fits perfectly with Massilia's speech, when we choose to make music like ours. It's an education, it makes part of the specifications, "said Moussu T ..

Discover the atmosphere of this meeting in our presentation.

While the trial started at 8:30, support for the "7 Briançon" continues to flow to the gates of the court.

Foto The DL / E.C

The DL

The DL

8:15 The defendants have just arrived in court.

8 HOURS : The "7 de Briançon" audition, sometimes called "3 + 4", will begin on Thursday 8 November at 8.30. Seven people must respond to the crime of "assisting the illegal entry of a foreigner" before the Criminal Court of Gap, following a demonstration in Montgenèvre, at the end of April 2018, when twenty migrants crossed the Franco-Italian border.

For several weeks, the city of Gap saw many posters demanding a massive demonstration of support before the court.

This case, in many ways, goes beyond the jurisdiction of the court. We explain why with the lighting of one of the journalists following the process.

The thread of events

Check out our "chronology"

To understand the different phases between the demonstration of the weekend of April 21st and the trial, this Thursday, November 8th, discover our interactive chronology with photos, videos.

By Sandie Bircan, Émilie Chauvot, Guillaume Faure, Gerald Lucas, Vincent Ollivier, Flavien Osanna |
Published 08/11/2018 at 20:00

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