Test: Paper Mario:  The Origami King – 3, 2, 1, PLIEZ !

Paper Mario: The Origami King appeared on the Switch after being announced in last may.

You have to go back to the golden age of Nintendo 64 to discover the first Paper Mario who was the worthy heir of Super Mario RPG. The mechanics of RPG were then very present, and it was also the case in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door who shone on GameCube.

The most recent opus have however lost sight of the RPG side which is at the origin of the franchise to take a direction which is more akin to the action-adventure game. Does the high-flying artistic direction of Paper Mario: The Origami King will be enough to breathe enough life into this universe of colored paper? This is what we will see after giving a good lesson to the origins!

Paper Mario: The Origami King

Release date : July 17, 2020

Developer: Intelligent System

When the art of folded paper takes possession of the Mushroom Kingdom …

  • The origami theme lends itself well to the universe of Paper Mario
  • Excellent artistic direction
  • Innovative gameplay concepts for the franchise
  • The fights are of little value and are repetitive
  • Music is not always well chosen
  • Lots and lots of text to read

A story that fits on less than a leaf

Paper Mario: The Origami King offers yet another story taking place in the Mushroom Kingdom. Our mustached hero and his brother Luigi received an invitation to participate in the origami festival. Arrived in Toadville, the two brothers find that the city is quite empty and that something is wrong. In fact, even Princess Peach is not in its natural state since it is all folded like an origami. It turns out that King Oly is behind it all and has origamized almost all the creatures inhabiting this universe. Mario refuses to undergo the same treatment and will have to go through various levels stormed by paper streamers in order to find the castle uprooted from its usual location and above all to restore order to the Mushroom Kingdom. Fortunately, Olivia (Oly’s sister) will come to Mario’s aid for the duration of this new, humorous quest.

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King Oly is ready to do anything to build his Origami Kingdom.

Confetti by whole handfuls

Among the well thought-out mechanics of Paper Mario: The Origami King, we must mention the bag of confetti carried by Mario. By tapping on the different elements of the scenery and performing fights, Mario fills his bag and can then use the confetti to repair the holes that are disfiguring the landscape. It’s very fun and satisfying to be able to give back the luster to the buildings, roads and other colored elements that make up this vibrant universe of color. Mario’s adventure is also populated with collectibles to find and Toads to rescue. The Toads were indeed scared and hid during the attack on Oly. We must therefore find them so that they become our allies in the fighting. In addition, circles of powers can be activated by Olivia and among other things allow Mario to deploy his Multi-folded Arms in order to interact differently with the environment. The gyroscopic function makes it possible, for example, to take off a surface and release a Toad.

Help a Toad and the Toad will help you … in exchange for a few coins that goes without saying.

Spin the paper rings

The regular fights of Paper Mario: The Origami King are small puzzles in which Mario is in the center of the screen and must turn or slide paper rings in order to group the enemies. The action takes place in turn and the number of movements is limited in this first phase of the combat. Thereafter, Mario can either jump on enemies (when they form a line) or use his hammer (when they are arranged in a square). It is possible to equip with more powerful boots and hammers, but these break after a while. Mario can also buy more time to regroup enemies or throw coins at the Toads for them to help out.

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Regular fights can take place in multiple waves.

As for Boss fights, we are also in a circular arena. This time the boss is in the center and Mario must move following the direction of the arrows to attack the thug once you get to an action panel. Both types of combat require a certain logic and an ability to plan your movements in a limited time. The fights quickly become repetitive, which decreases the pleasure that one feels to play. As the mechanics of RPG are not really present, chaining the fights is useless if it is not to accumulate more coins and confetti.

Boss fights take a little more thought.

An enveloping universe

What makes the trip pleasant is above all the colorful universe in which we bathe. Visually appealing, Paper Mario: The Origami King offers us a perfect mix between origami, which acts as 3D, and the flatness of the characters to which Papier Mario has accustomed us. The different characters that have come across are well written and sometimes manage to surprise us. The writing of the game is excellent, although it must be admitted that there is a lot of text to read and that it can not scroll faster. The music in the game is a bit spotty and some areas are too quiet. The Toadville Museum allows you to collect music, enemies, trophies and other secrets. This is definitely a plus for anyone who enjoys completing a game 100%.

Mario takes a nap at Mont Évermeil.

1000 paper cranes and other origami (Conclusion)

Paper Mario: The Origami King is a colorful game that has excellent art direction and well-crafted humor around the theme of paper. Although the role-playing dimension is rather absent from the game, the story is cute and the universe of the Mushroom Kingdom is well highlighted. Olivia is endearing in her own way and the many Toads to find and holes to fill will keep you occupied for many hours. A good little game to be consumed in moderation to avoid feeling the frustration of the fights which do not serve much purpose in the end.

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