Tested positive for coronavirus in August and still has symptoms

“Yes, I have no problems,” she replied.

– But I tell you no, because pulmonologists also listen to the breathing of patients as now I am hearing that you are short of breath, said the professional. So, she must have been treated urgently.

The pulmonologist was right. The subsequent lack of oxygen and the consequent demand to breathe aggravated the condition and the concern. On the 9th of that month, while she was turning 41, Verónica De Casas received the news that she already saw coming: she was positive for coronavirus after a nasopharyngeal swab has been performed. By then, Mendoza was indignant with the infamous case 98 of the infected and contagious patient.

A rare case

The passage of time ended up turning his case, typical in appearance, into a witness case. Curious. Because today, almost 70 days after that bitter lab result, the woman continues to suffer from virtually all the same symptoms of the coronavirus. “I can’t walk two blocks,” he explains. And stairs, like many who tested positive, have become the worst enemy.

In addition, another situation occurred, which is very striking for her, her family members and the medical community that has been treating her: an antibody measurement carried out this week through a rapid test revealed that the woman did not generate a single antibody during illness. Like I never had coronavirus. Despite the widespread pain, chronic fatigue and oxygen starvation and breathing difficulties that continue to accompany it.

Conclusion: according to the PCR and the symptoms, the woman had Covid-19 but according to the amount of antibodies the virus was never in her body.

A fact that encourages us to think about the second hypothesis: their immediate family members never got the coronavirus, the pharmacist husband and two children. In fact, no one had symptoms and the man underwent two rapid tests that were negative for antibodies compatible with Covid-19.

Nor has any of the other eight people who interacted with Verónica De Casas had coronavirus before and after his positive diagnosis, his brief hospitalization at the Cuyo Clinic and his days of isolation, first at the Shopping hotel and then at his own home. On that list are, among others, a woman who takes care of the housework, the parents, the pregnant sister and about to give birth.

The history of the coronavirus and its effects on humanity are being written and in a long time epidemiologists will know what to do, having already studied the virus’s still developing behavior, admits Verónica De Casas in dialogue with Diario UNO.

The woman works on her own and is an industrial designer specializing in digital marketing. Her contact with health issues, her interest and the professional link with sanitarians led her to become more interested. To investigate.

She herself posted several passages of her illness on Twitter, such as on Wednesday, when she was told that according to the rapid test she never had coronavirus.


Patient of a demanding health system

She deeply appreciates the services of the social work and of the doctors and nurses who assisted her in the Cuyo Clinic and in its annex of the Shopping hotel, where she was isolated for almost two weeks until she decided to return home signing the voluntary discharge at the end of August.

De Casas witnessed that already in August the health system was demanded almost to the full, when there was still a long way to go for this delicate present with almost 1,000 new positives in one day and a record number of deaths per day.

“In fact, I was treated by a medical therapist. And one day, a nurse who came to my room when she saw the little picture of the Virgin of Guadalupe that always accompanies me asked me to pray a lot for a colleague of hers who was grave and intubated as a consequence of the virus, “he says.

-Why did you decide to return home without being discharged?

– Because the deadlines had advanced according to schedule to recover without contagion but, nevertheless, I felt the same pains of the first days. I remember that my head and eyes hurt to such an extent that I had to darken the room to avoid the impact of natural light.

-What have the doctors told you about your case?

– Recently they even thought that the swab could have given a false negative but the symptoms supported the positive result. It caught my attention but they even told me that it was a case of “flowery coronavirus”. The sequelae are similar to fibromyalgia.

-How is that?

– A coronavirus that manifested itself with a wide variety of symptoms, which flourished in my body.

A caring family

As a careful family of preventive sanitary measures, De Casas defines his family. For the health of all. Especially that of the children and very especially because her pharmacist husband returns home, every day, at the end of the working day, after having been exposed to various diseases due to contact with clients.

However, beyond all precautions, such as working, in her case, in the remote mode, the coronavirus made an impact on her body.

I don’t go through life without a mask or hanging out with everyone, but I got it. And I do not know how. Today the virus is everywhere, who does not know someone who has not already had the virus? We all already know of someone who was positive I don’t go through life without a mask or hanging out with everyone, but I got it. And I do not know how. Today the virus is everywhere, who does not know someone who has not already had the virus? We all already know of someone who was positive

Although it may seem anecdotal, De Casas, her husband and children had already been going through a kind of sanitary isolation prior to the pandemic, which eased the confinement that began seven months ago. She tells it herself: “Between December of last year and February of this year my husband and my two boys were operated on for tonsillitis and other minor issues, so when they decreed isolation in March we were already used to going out little and nothing to the Street”.

Just two weeks of respite they had between isolates due to surgeries and the coronavirus. Trying, the boys started classes but it did not last long because the pandemic hit us and the DNU of isolation too.

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