Testimonies flood the USA, car repairs become more expensive, ČTU wants to regulate operators …

Fifteen million Americans have voluntarily left their jobs in the past six months, and millions more are considering resigning. According to a September report by the consulting company McKinsey. In June alone, four million American employees resigned. The same number of people left work a few months earlier in the spring. The trend, which has come to the attention of the general public under the name Great Resignation, is most pronounced among middle-aged employees working in technology and assistive fields. You can find more about the topic at E15.cz. >>> you can read the whole article HERE

The Czech Telecommunications Office is intensifying its fight against the three main operators. From the middle of next year, it intends to regulate the wholesale prices at which virtual operators buy mobile services from the big three. Hana Továrková, the head of the office, told the E15 daily that it will lead to lower prices for ordinary users as well. The Office responds to the results of the analysis of competition in the market with the announcement, which shows that virtual operators in the Czech Republic face unfavorable conditions. >>> you can read the whole article HERE

The mix of broken supply chains, a serious shortage of parts and rising inflation are significantly changing the offer of domestic car repair shops. In extreme cases, customers will wait several months for an act that used to take a week or two. For some parts and services, they will pay up to tens of thousands of crowns more than the pre-pandemic normal. Customers who are waiting for parts imported from non-European plants, usually from China, Japan, South Korea or Turkey, encounter the new reality the hardest. For example, the Czech representation of the South Korean carmaker Kia reports problems. Its authorized network faces longer repair times. Minor problems are also acknowledged by Škoda Auto, in whose network of 228 authorized service centers there may be delays in the order of weeks. >>> you can read the whole article HERE

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The boom in investment in cryptocurrency startups is spreading rapidly around the world. Since January alone, these companies have received more than $ 14 billion from investors. Such a volume of new capital is unparalleled in the history of this market; for the whole of last year, for example, startupists raised less than four billion dollars. During the pre-pandemic year of 2019, it was less than three billion. Larger players with a willingness to take risks, most often venture funds starting with hedge funds, bet on new cryptoprojects. They have nowhere else to do with money, and the business of companies in the field of decentralized finance or the NFT phenomenon seems to be a modern gold mine. >>> you can read the whole article HERE

The German Volkswagen Group could only rent batteries in electric cars to its customers. Every group brand would thus remain the owner of the batteries, thanks to which new electric cars would become cheaper. Today, their high price represents the main barrier to why customers do not show massive interest in electric cars. The group will discuss a new approach to the sale of electric cars in the coming weeks. >>> you can read the whole article HERE

Stock markets fell into neurosis. The so-called VIX Fear Index, reflecting investor fears of a market slump, dusted off its dramatic levels since the spring, when the world was facing a second wave of global pandemics. The unpredictable effects of China’s Evergrande problems are the trigger for stress. In addition, the developer’s case comes at the most inopportune moment. The markets are facing several threats, the seriousness of which is only growing Evergrande. >>> you can read the whole article HERE

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