Thai Airways knocked out the assessment criteria for flight attendant-steward being overweight

Thai Airways opened the evaluation criteria and considered two additional stewards-stewards must not be over 55 years old. Do not be overweight. Measured by BMI

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March 3, 2021 Daily News Online Reported that Thai Airways International Public Company Limited informed that Miss Anirut Sangrit, Deputy Chief Operating Officer of Thai Airways International, has signed the operating announcement no. The aircraft that will operate in accordance with the new structure of the Company dated March 1, 2021, stating that the Company needs to reduce some of its employees. Including the number of flight attendants to be in line with the workload under the rehabilitation plan

Therefore, in order to make the assessment and consideration the receptionist Be fair The Flight Service has set criteria for evaluating and considering flight attendants. To perform aviation duties according to the new structure of the company Which is effective from May 1, 2021 onwards, which has been approved by the rehabilitation planner meeting on February 17, 2021.

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For details on the preliminary assessment criteria There is an essential matter of assessment criteria for flight attendants Or flight attendant and steward based on the ability to perform duties, discipline, dress, absentee behavior and maintain working hours for the past 3 years from 2019, cooperation and responsibility for the organization By considering the cooperation in accordance with the Company’s announcement Responsibility And performing special duties etc.

There are 2 additional criteria for evaluation as follows:

1. Flight attendant Must not be over 55 years old on May 1, 2021 (except flight manager).

2. Body Mass Index (BMI or body thickness value Which is used to assess obesity or thinness in adults aged 20 years and over) must meet the standards set by the company, namely male not more than 27.5 female not more than 25

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