Thai boxing: Kouroucien Waldison Silva wins his first world title

On March 18, 2023, Waldison Silva won the title of Muay Thai WKN World Champion (under 65 kg category) at a martial arts gala held in Spain. He looks back on this fight and on his journey, which began in 2013.

New title for Guyana, and for Kourou more precisely. This Saturday, March 18, the Kouroucien Waldison Silva won the WKN Muay Thai World Championship title (World Kickboxing Network) in the under 65 kg category. It was during a martial arts gala organized at the “La Benedicta” sports center in Spain. The 23-year-old Guyanese took on and defeated 30-year-old Spaniard Unai Caro.

Waldison Silva and his opponent Unai Carro during the March 18, 2023 fight / La Benedicta, Spain

And fight he won mentally, according to him, after a final blow to his opponent’s faith. However, the preparation was particularly difficult, explains Waldison Silva. Pour cause : “I had Covid-19 a week and a half before my fight and wounds from a previous fight.He tells us about this great moment when he “grabbed this belt for [lui] but also for [son] small flagGuyana“.

My preparation was very strategic […] That is to say that we have analyzed our adversary. And the mind remained, despite the difficulties. In fact, that’s what made me win. It wasn’t even physical anymore, it was mental […] I think I had a 20% chance of winning and I used that percentage. I didn’t let myself be intimidated. The strategy was the right one. From the 3rd round (out of 5 normally, editor’s note), he couldn’t take it anymore.

Waldison SILVA, WKN muay-thai world champion in the under 65 kg category

Waldison Silva wearing his WKN Muay Thai World Champion Belt

In three weeks, the champion will return to the ring for a new competition. This may be his last Thai boxing fight as he wants to achieve his goal. Indeed, since his beginnings, he has had the ambition to practice MMA (which was legalized in France in January 2020). “I’m aiming for the big organizations, like the UFC, and I’d like to be a champion later, God willing“, he hopes.

Waldison Silva wearing his WKN Muay Thai World Champion belt (in the under 65 kg category)

Waldison Silva’s history with martial arts began in 2013, in Kourou, in a gym run by Jean Mackenson. “I was very impulsive, even electric, so my dad signed me up for contact sports. since I was fighting at home with my brothers“, he laughs. After six months of training, he fights – and wins – for the first time as an amateur in Cacao (village of Roura).

Over the years, the fights follow one another and the Kouroucien goes to Suriname, Martinique, Guadeloupe or even Saint Lucia. He also won several titlesincluding that of Antilles-Guyana Muay Thai champion in 2014, then Caribbean champion in the same year.

Waldison Silva carrying the flag of Guyana

In 2017, after a knee injury, he took up English boxing (where kicking is prohibited) to continue the sport. Registered, this time, at the Boxing Club of Kourou (BCK), he changes coach. At this time, he was elected best Creole-speaking fighter during a meeting organized in Saint Lucia.

He returned to Thai boxing in 2019. This year, he won the title of European Muay Thai Champion. (- 67 kg semi-pro) in Russia. While he wants to go to Thailand via Paris, his project is aborted due to the pandemic. Finally, he remains in France. He continues training and joins Team Alamos. In 2021, Waldison Silva turns professional and knows several victories, but also defeats before obtaining the famous title of world champion.

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