Thailand: important seizure of methamphetamine near the "Gold Triangle"


Thai policemen have seized 15 million methamphetamine capsules and killed a trafficker in the Thai part of the "Golden Triangle", on the borders of Thailand, Burma and Laos, officials said, while the fight against drugs intensifies in the country .

Every week, multimillion dollar methamphetamine shipments arrive in Thailand from neighboring Burma. According to experts, the traffic is accelerating, especially from the eastern region of Burma held by the rebel ethnic group Wa, accused of financing its guerrillas with drug trafficking.

The police and the Thai army have intensified their operations on their side of the border. On Thursday night, a police fire fired at the occupants of three trucks in Chiang Rai province. "They fought against … a trafficker was killed," said General Pornchai Charoenwong, deputy commander of the drug police.

This is the fifteenth suspected trafficker killed in just over a month in northern Thailand.

Inside the trucks were found 75 bags bearing the number "999", a logo used by the drug traffickers of the Wa Group, and containing about 15 million stamps in total.

For seven weeks, more than 75 million methamphetamine tablets were seized by authorities in the 17 northern provinces, all belonging to the same group of traffickers, according to the army.


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