Thalía reveals what it would take for her to return to the world of soap operas

In recent years, Thalía’s career has focused entirely on her role as a singer, based on collaborations with stars such as Maluma or Natti Natasha, which have brought her closer to a younger audience, and in all the other businesses that she develops far away. of the cameras, as a designer of a clothing line or a writer of children’s books.

However, the constant reruns of the soap operas in which she starred in her twenties have managed to keep her role as an actress very present among the public, who wonder if one day she will take it up again. Now the Mexican has wanted to clarify those doubts by announcing that it is a door that has not closed completely, but that it would only open wide again for a project at the height of its legacy.

“I have not acted for a long time, I am waiting for a script that makes me feel: ‘Wow, this is the character I want’. It has not happened yet, I want to see if they convince me,” she announced in the conversation she had with Ana Maria Braga for the Brazilian program ‘Mais Você’.

The clues to discover what type of story would interest her today have been given by herself when she affirmed that María, the one from the neighborhood continues to be his favorite protagonist to date because she allowed him to give life to a woman “brave, daring and who says things as they are, from heart to mouth.”

However, experience tells her that her fans do not share her opinion and that in reality her most famous role – and the one she is most remembered for in certain parts of the world – will always be that of ‘Marimar’.

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“It was very organic, very real, very sincere and full of love. People felt it the first time it was on television and they feel it again now in the digital age. I love it,” he added.

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