Business Than the new GAC GS8 is going to "kill"...

Than the new GAC GS8 is going to “kill” Toyota Land Cruiser

The Chinese crossover has received many innovations that contribute to the rapid advancement in the leadership position.

Toyota Land Cruiser has long been a leader in the Russian market, but soon a Japanese SUV can “sit” a completely different “player” that comes from the Middle Kingdom. And this new product will be the previously advertised GAC GS8, recently arrived in Russia.

What is the Chinese crossover going to “kill” the famous “Kruzak”? First of all, it is worth considering the appearance of both cars – if the impressive exterior of the Toyota Land Cruiser is known to everyone, then the GAK surprises with its expensive and impressive design, which can be compared with the famous Japanese SUV. It should be noted that the Chinese SUV will be bought by someone who is tired of the brutal look of the “Japanese”.

Salon Toyota Land Cruiser is made in dark shades, while the new GAC GS8 will appreciate the bright two-tone coloring of the interior, next to which the interior decoration of the Japanese all-terrain vehicle seems old-fashioned. In terms of manufacturability, the Chinese crossover is not inferior to the Kruzak.

In technical terms, Toyota Land Cruiser wins, which is equipped with gasoline 2.7 and 4-liter engines for 163 and 249 horsepower, as well as a 177-horsepower diesel engine. The Chinese competitor has a non-alternative 2-liter unit for 190 “horses”. This suggests that the HAC can “defeat” Kruzak only if the latter is offered in the initial configuration. Interestingly, another advantage of the “Chinese” is increased profitability, while the “Japanese” is known for gluttony.

At the same time, both cars are equipped with automatic transmission and all-wheel drive, which indicates the adaptation of cars to Russian conditions. GAC GS8 will cost 1,800,000 rubles, while Toyota Land Cruiser costs 2,500,000 rubles. Thus, anyone who fails to acquire a “Kruzak” in times of crisis can go to a car dealership for a new HAK. This indicates that Chinese power has every chance of superiority over the Japanese legend.

Dmitry Pavlichko



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