“Thank mom instead of spitting on the past”

Naike Rivelli attacks Adriano Celentano on Instagram for revealing his secret relationship with his mom in the past, Ornella Muti. Adriano Celentano and Ornella Muti shot two films together “Crazy in love” and “The Tamed Shrew”: they had a love story while he was engaged to Claudia Mori and she was the company of Federico Facchinetti. To bring the story to light a confession by Molleilato in 2014, Muti did not like and would have liked to be informed of his intentions first.

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Naike on her Instagram account returned to the subject with a long post. In sharing he takes it out on pseudo journalists, influencers and powerful families: “There are” pseudo journalists “TV presenters who make gossip trash TV – he wrote on the social – and biased journalism. And when it comes to them, they are vague. We have influencers who ignore important appeals from other women, as if they have no value. There are Italian historical families who think they are omnipotent, and try to manage the country, pretending to be roses and flowers, when monsters are hiding behind the scenes. All people who believe themselves untouchable even in their abuses. In my world, we are all the same and everyone is responsible for their actions ”.

The direct reference to Adriano Celentano: “Ps) I would like to add. Dear Adrian, Instead of spitting out sad remarks about the past, why not thank your mum, who thanks to those two films you MADE WITH HER, MADE YOU FAMOUS AS AN ACTOR ALL OVER THE WORLD! ”.

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