“Thanks to all who have given me my place”

The Spanish artist Beatriz Luengo claimed his right to collect the award obtained by Homeland and Life What Best Urban Song of the Year, while thanking the newspaper The country for recognizing her and criticizing the press that have omitted her participation in the project.

“I have not been so struggling to collect awards that are not mine. I picked up that award because I won it with my chords, melodies and lyrics after 11 nominations throughout my career and a Grammy that I already have.”, Wrote the singer and actress on her social networks.

“The recognition of my work moves me, because my fight has always been against the current and I have fought tooth and nail every step,” said the interpreter, who alluded to the forgetfulness that women have been systematically victims in the History of Humanity. .

Luengo recounted as an example that at the beginning of the 20th century Mileva Maric and Albert Einstein worked together great discoveries for humanity and when they awarded Einstein the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1921, they forgot to name Mileva.

“In the year 2021, that is to say 100 years later, and far from comparing myself with these two geniuses that they were, two composers and humble musicians impose themselves in a difficult industry and without the support of playlist, radios or traditional mechanisms manage to win the most important award in the industry, which is also the COMPOSER award, and sadly I have to see how the media forget to name me or worse still some say ‘Yotuel won a Grammy and his wife went up to pick him up’“The actress also complained.

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“Thanks to ALL the media that have given me my place and to those who have not, I tell you that do not ask me why we have to fight against machismo today, because it is evident. Mileva did not have social networks, thank God I did ”, he concluded.

Beatriz Luengo and the musician Yadam González went on Thursday afternoon to the stage of the Arena Michelob Ultra in Las Vegas to collect the Latin Grammy obtained by Patria y Vida in the category of Best Urban Song.

During her words of gratitude for the award, the singer highlighted -through tears- “how beautiful music is when it is at the service of social causes” and of “giving a voice to those who have no voice.” He also took the opportunity to denounce that his family has received all kinds of threats for having participated in the project.

He also had words of recognition for women of Cuban culture such as Dulce María Loynaz and the Cuban singers Gloria Estefan and Celia Cruz.

An intense debate was generated in social networks after the Cuban journalist and writer, Carlos Manuel Álvarez, will question with harsh words that Luengo was in charge of collecting the award and what she said at that time, without explicit mention of Maykel Osorbo, who remains imprisoned in Cuba.

“A black body in the hands of the tyranny to which that song points to, and this colonialist lady from Carrefour talks about having her YouTube video downloaded,” said the writer. “He says to give a voice to those who have no voice. No, the voice has been given to you. What a barbaric rage these people inject me, Luengo taking her dark boyfriend on a tour of the courts,” he added.

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Carlos Manuel’s allegation prompted a brief response from Yotuel, who described the publication as racist and sexist, and replied with a biblical passage relating to Judas, a disciple of Jesus Christ and a symbol of betrayal.

The rapper El Funky, for his part, defended the Spanish artist claiming that she deserves respect for having been part of the group that composed the song that has ended up becoming an anthem for the freedom of Cuba.


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