Thanks to her, he has changed a lot. She gave up her modeling career for him

Marina Łuczenko-Szczesny is next to Anna Lewandowska the most popular WAG in Poland. Wojciech Szczęsny’s wife has been associated with music since childhood. The goalkeeper of the Polish national team saw a photo of the singer on the Internet years ago and immediately caught his eye. “I really liked her, and I was wondering how to get her phone number.” Somehow I made it. But I had to fight for it a bit. I do not hide it – he said a few years ago in an interview with “Viva!”. Marina initially did not know who she was dealing with, because she was not interested in sports. It wasn’t until her friends realized who was calling her. Information that Szczęsny and Łuczenko are a couple appeared in 2013 when they were together at the Opener music festival. In 2015, the footballer proposed to a girl, and less than a year later the lovers got married in Greece. On June 30, 2018, Marina gave birth to a son, Liam.

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