Thanks to the "attachment" of local residents, the Beaujoire stadium in Nantes will survive

The new stadium will be well built, but instead of the 21 hectares initially planned, Nantes Métropole will produce only nine hectares of land just for the stadium.

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More than a ride, it is a complete half-turn that has just operated in the city of Nantes. The mayor, Johanna Rolland, announced on Friday 9 November the abandonment of the real estate project associated with a new stadium for the football team of FC Nantes, also claiming that the current stadium of La Beaujoire would not be been destroyed. A decision that comes after a public consultation began in September.

The new stadium will be well built, but instead of the 21 hectares planned in the "YelloPark" project launched a year ago, Nantes Métropole will produce only nine hectares of land just for the stadium. The latter should retain the features announced until then – 40,000 places for delivery in 2022 – and will be right next to the La Beaujoire stadium.

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"Concertation matters"

Above all, the current cradle of the Canaries, temple of the "game of Nantes" of the years & # 90; will not be destroyed, unlike the original project. A decision that has irritated the associations and residents of the fans. Faced with the clamor, illustrated in particular by lively exchanges during a public meeting in March, the municipality announced the launch in September and October of a public consultation.

According to his conclusions, the inhabitants of Nantes, however, have expressed theirs "Emotional attachment" construction, as well as reluctance to build 1,500 housing units, reported Mmyself Rolland. Inaugurated in 1984, the La Beaujoire stadium, which has a capacity of 37.473 seats, will host "Another sport", according to the regional newspaper Ocean Press.

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"Counseling is important for me, advice is important, it is not false advice"Johanna Rolland insisted, adding that she would keep her commitment not to invest public money in the new stadium. As for the financing of this stadium, "The financial and banking guarantees that have been presented are particularly significant"assured the mayor, referring to the increase in TV rights of 65%.

In fact, the real estate engineering group Réalités, which was to build 1,500 houses, ceases to be associated with the project, which will no longer be called YelloPark. The CEO, Yoann Joubert, stated in a statement he was taking "Law of the end of the project".

For its part, FC Nantes, currently tenth in Ligue 1 and chaired by Waldemar Kita, welcomed the announcement. The new stadium "It will allow our region to offer a dynamic picture in anticipation of the main upcoming events: the Rugby World Cup of 2023 and the Olympic Games and the Paralympics of 2024"the club said in a statement.

The transfer of the land, where the new stadium will be built, will be submitted to the vote of the Metropolitan Council on December 7th. The transfer price must be set by the Directorate General for Public Finances.

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