Non-white Dutch citizens are rarely in a starring role in the tv spots. And if that’s the case, they say, and beeldtijd limited. That will be revealed by a study conducted by the association of consultants ALE.

“In 50 per cent of the complaints to sit and people of color. You think, oh, that’s actually pretty good,” said VEA chairman of the Marion Merchant, in the NOS Radio 1 Journaal. However, the research has shown that it is mainly the figurantenrollen it.

Not many teams

In accordance with a Merchant is the root cause of the under-represented among the patrons, and the people behind them. “They are often not teams, so you’re not thinking about a role for colored people.”

Ensure advertisers are not aware of the importance of representation, as the Merchant, also by the fact that in the Netherlands, never-before-investigation of diversity complaints was made. That’s step one, which is said to the Merchant, so that the facts are on the table, and no excuse to not do anything.

George Is On The Cover

The ALE is a result of the events in the united states after the death of George on the Cover, with the face of the facts, it is printed on. “We even have, for decades, barely noticed that a lot of the work that we are not a fair reflection of society”, says the website. The association should be a member to have their city, to ask the questions.

The association also provides training to raise awareness of the prejudices. “It will be clear to you as to how you are in your own world of choices and decision-making,” said the Merchant. “That’s something you have to be very unaware, from the background. This will create a script for a reclamecommercial, but also interviewing them.”

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