That the Japanese are against the Olympics? I don’t understand, everyone is waving at us, Lavický wonders

The Olympic village is the longest of all Czechs, albeit in a small, special, yachting, cut off from the central one in the heart of Tokyo. Windsurfer Karel Lavický has already managed to soak up a bit of the Japanese atmosphere and he is still surprised where the news comes from that he does not want the local Olympic Games. However, he has only the best experience with them and, like the Japanese, he will not decide anything, including the approaching typhoon.

Tokyo (from our newsletter) – Nowhere crowds of tourists in national colors, no crowded fanzones. Were it not for a few signs affixed to streetlights and banners indicating individual sports venues, you might not even know that the Tokyo Olympics are taking place.

Windsurfer Karel Lavický already knew this very well. He arrived in Japan with a coach, technician or photographer in one person, Patrik Polák, on 13 July. Since then, he has had plenty of time to look around in the Olympic bubble in Enoshima, about an hour’s drive from the capital.

“Yachting and windsurfing is a relatively demanding sport for logistics, so he got an exception from the organizers that athletes can come to the venue earlier than others. During that time, I can say here that it is very different and special Olympics than the previous ones,” he admitted. in an interview for Aktuálně.cz, the three-time Olympian Lavický.

The absence of spectators is not as fundamental a problem for him as the restriction of movement, the inability to watch other sports and the constant isolation in the room. The Japanese government, in cooperation with the organizers, thus protects citizens from the potential spread of coronavirus. In addition, they do not want to irritate the locals, who according to surveys are strongly opposed to organizing a sports holiday.

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“I don’t understand where these reports come from. I have not encountered any disapproval at all when we move from the hotel to the marina, so people wave at us. There are a lot of volunteers who are smiling, they are excited,” he said.

The truth is that the Japanese media is full of five circles. All you have to do is turn on the TV when you don’t miss a cooking show, it’s probably going to be broadcast by a sports broadcast. Likewise, pictures of athletes flash among Japanese characters on the pages of newspapers.

And with them, however, there is a map of the east coast, to which a purple-colored eye is approaching. In addition to the Olympic performances, the Japanese are also actively discussing the upcoming typhoon, which should cross Tokyo over the day on Monday evening, or rather on Tuesday.

Although the natives judge it as a routine according to the reactions in the media and this “Japanese storm” with a wind speed of about 90 kilometers per hour can not surprise them, the game organizers prefer to move rowing competitions so as not to risk anything.

“We have a day off on Tuesday, so it doesn’t concern us. We’ll see it hit here in Enoshima, I don’t think it will be very strong. The problem is that when it brings big waves, it will completely flush out the marina and everything there. “But I think that the Japanese have detailed predictions and they would warn us in time that we should move things to safety, it didn’t happen,” Lavický said.

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As for the weather forecasts, he himself has to be interested in them as a windsurfer before the races. “I’ll always look at where it’s going to blow from, how strong the wind will be. I don’t go into details at all, Patrik pays more attention to it, but he doesn’t have much time for that either. It’s about another person who would study water and sea currents.” Czech representative shrugs his shoulders.

On Sunday, he completed the first races in the RS: X class and is in 23rd place after them. “It was like up and down. Very demanding conditions, the wind was unstable, it didn’t blow at all for a while. But I’m especially glad that it has already started. I didn’t enjoy sitting in the room and watching TV,” he adds with a smile.


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