That's how Priyanka Chopra Jonas reacted to an angry Pakistani fan in Los Angeles. News on the Hindi movie

With its releases in Bollywood and the West, Priyanka Chopra Jonas has fans around the world. And this also includes fans from across the border.

The actress recently had an unpleasant experience from a Pak fan in Los Angeles. The incident occurred at an event on Saturday, when a Pakistani woman faced PeeCee for her tweet in March, greeting the Indian army.

Screaming at Priyanka, the woman said that as a United Nations Goodwill Ambassador for Peace, it is not right of her to "encourage nuclear war" with Pakistan. He went on to add that millions of his fans in Pakistan supported the actress in his career and were hurt by his tweet.

However, Priyanka handled the situation with admirable grace. He said he has many friends in Pakistan and, although he doesn't like war, he is patriotic. PeeCee added that at the end of the day everyone has to walk the middle way. Asking the fan not to scream, the actress recalled that they had all gathered for love.

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