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Alessandro Giuli

23 November 2021

Next Wednesday the European Commission will formalize its opinion on the budget laws sent to Brussels by the member countries. Eyes on Paolo Gentiloni, therefore, “our” Eurocommissioner for Economic Affairs with few powers but always full of concerns. Not for itself, of course. For Italy and the keeping of its accounts and above all for the grounding of the PNRR on which the request for the first tranche of funds of the Next Generation Ue, bound to the achievement of 51 objectives, of which still more than twenty are on the high seas. This is why Gentiloni has recently decided to do violence to his legendary reluctance and has produced thoughtful warnings about Italy’s delays, which in fact has not yet forwarded the planning documents necessary to accompany the request for money in Brussels.

In itself it would seem the ordinary administration of a cold continental bureaucrat, were it not that Gentiloni is precisely there – among the Central European mists – also and first of all on behalf of those who sent him: the Italian government, during the Conte bis supported by the Giallorossi majority. Just a week ago, the former prime minister who succeeded Matteo Renzi guaranteed that, yes, from Brussels we will receive “great attention and a spirit of collaboration”, nevertheless “Italy has a great responsibility” and cannot ignore it. In short, we are under observation: “The concern is there and those who know directly, like me, the difficulty of implementing European plans and projects, cannot fail to pay close attention to these risks”. Reason: “The European Commission is working to ensure the success of Next Generation Eu because, if it were to give disappointing results, proposing similar initiatives perhaps on different objectives would become very difficult indeed”.

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Gentiloni has been repeating the same warning since at least August. Last summer, on the occasion of the Ciellino Meeting in Rimini, out of the blue he came up with a sentence that would have represented the prologue of an unusually critical attitude towards the government of Mario Draghi: “I have to be honest, we are heading towards the most important autumn for Italy for 30 years, in economic terms, and I don’t think he is realizing it enough”. And from that position, Gentiloni Silveri does not seem to have released it, repeating the same concept with various periphrases from month to month: “Woe to consider the resources already confiscated as they are not, but are granted by a performance based fund”. And again: «We must conquer the sense of a common mission which I still see is not enough …».

It is as if Gentiloni had decided to become the spokesperson for the group of so-called “frugal” states that from northern Europe have always invoked corrective measures and other budget adjustments for Italy to avoid the infringement procedure and the consequent derailment of our public accounts. Yet the prevailing narrative, coming from his Democratic Party, is that Gentiloni is working hard to ensure that continental rigor does not return to rage in a Europe still in full pandemic emergency. But at this point we must ask ourselves whether he is the one who can save us from ourselves and from our detractors. Suffice it to recall here that, when he was appointed to Economic Affairs, the new president of the Commission Ursula von der Leyen was immediately clear and merciless: “Gentiloni will have to collaborate a lot with Valdis Dombrovskis”, the vice-president of the Commission with powers on the euro, appointed executive vice-president for Economy, that is, the real ace of coins of the continental executive.

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Hence the question: o Gentiloni knows something that we still ignore (the EU is about to beat the government of the best on PNRR?); or else he is trying to make sense, a little too quirky indeed, to his otherwise boring days. Which not only contrasts with the praise our partners have given us in recent times, enthusiastic as they are to know us in the hands of the former central banker who saved Euroland, but also casts a suspicious light on the real intentions of a man with such a resume. ponderous. Former Minister of Communications in the second government of Romano Prodi and then holder of the Farnesina during the Renzian principality, Gentiloni has also become, despite himself, a natural reserve of the Republic. To the point that Carlo Calenda has just nominated him as Sergio Mattarella’s successor, forcing the secretary of the Democratic Party, Enrico Letta, to postpone the quirinal dossier after the approval of the budget. And we always return there, that is to the fact that Gentiloni probably does not have the strength to impose our demands in Europe but claims the authority to judge them with a certain skepticism. And yet, however weak he may appear, although no overwhelming declaration or an unforgettable oratory flicker of him can be remembered, the truth is that Gentiloni remains a very skilled weaver and in his anonymous greyness has considerable and transversal relations of national and international power ( Including the Vatican). This sudden oracular loquacity of his, well protected by the grisaille of the European establishment, suggests that perhaps some little thoughts on the Hill are actually cultivating him …

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