The 110 minutes of Álvaro Prieto in Santa Justa before the tragedy: his father’s email, a 40 euro bill at ticket office 3 and assault from the Cercanías tracks

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Álvaro Prieto wandered around the station for 110 minutes Saint Justa from Seville, on Thursday morning, before disappearing and falling electrocuted between the carriages of a broken down train after climbing to its roof and touching the catenary. At that time, the 18-year-old young man from Córdoba tried to take an AVE to his city after losing his own, AVANT, he wanted to buy another ticket for 40 euros, but he couldn’t because he had run out of battery, but he rejected the charger that was offered to him at customer service, and at the box office, and remained calm. He always seemed “polite” and “not very talkative.” This is revealed by the three reports of Renfe to which you have had access THE WORLD.

The dossiers recreate Álvaro Prieto’s time in customer service, the ticket offices and his meeting with several workers. They also reflect that he always wanted to return home on another train although, paradoxically, he did not accept the facilities they offered him. The young man ended up electrocuted on the morning of October 12 on a train that he had been in the workshops since last August 24. This is the sequence.

7.35 H., THE TRAIN. Álvaro Prieto has the return ticket to Córdoba at that time. It is an AVANT 8275 whose round trip is taken by his father. The young man arrives late at the Santa Justa station after having spent the night partying in Seville with a friend. He notes in despair that he has missed the train. He is in the area of ​​the departure and boarding tracks of commuter trains. «He could not pass the first check Adif, as he arrived late,” reports say. He returns inside the station. Your next step is the area where customer service is located.

8.00 H., THE TICKET. The young man enters customer service, technically known as the High Speed ​​Service Center. “The traveler claims that he could not find the ticket to take his train,” states the report, to which this newspaper has had access. Two workers help you search for it through the system and to do so they ask you for the data they need to locate it. «First of all, he gave us an e-mail, finding another Córdoba-Málaga ticket, but since it was not the ticket he was looking for, since its origin was Seville Santa Justa with destination Córdoba, we asked him if it was certain that he had bought it. through the Renfe channel, to which he confirmed yes and even mentioned the App,” he points out.

The search continues by the two Renfe employees, who require more indicators from Álvaro Prieto. “They ask him,” the report continues, “for the credit card with which he purchased the ticket in order,” they emphasize, “to have another option.” «He tells us that it is a virtual card, pointing to his mobile phone, which seems to be turned off, so I offer him my charger and the companion even tells him where he can charge it, all to find his ticket and help him get his ticket. train. The traveler states that he believes it does not work and therefore we look for other ways to help him. When no results were obtained, a second attempt was made. The operators tried the card data that appeared on the only bill that had been found, and although some digits appeared encoded, “they had the necessary ones to be able to try it, so they asked him if he remembered the day he did it.” bought, to which he told us that it was on Tuesday, but there was no success in the search, so this option was also ruled out.

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