The 17 games not to be missed next season


Many things can happen from here to the start of the regular season – in essence, the Draft 2019 – but it is never too early to project what may be the games that weigh more in the definition of postseason sowing. Let's examine the newly revealed calendar to find out which parts should not be missed, week by week.

Week 1

Steelers at Patriots
The first game for the defense of the New England title will undoubtedly be one of the most complicated of the champions' calendar. As if that were not enough, we know that when the patriots lose, which is not very often, it is usually in the first games of the year. we will be very morbid to see the Steelers' crime without Le Veon Bell or Antonio Brown, and what's better than a trip to Foxborough to boast its renewed attack.

Week 2

Saints of Rams
Forget the passing interference not scored in the NFC championship game against Nickell Robey-Coleman. The Saints did not win that game due to a multitude of factors, including a pass intercepted by Drew Brees in extra time. Saints and Rams are expected to fight again to represent the NFC in Super Bowl LIV, and this could be one of the best dishes of March.

Week 3

Crows in the head
Another duel between the teams that played the postseason past, the Ravens will arrive with an entire season with Lamar Jackson as an appetizer. We have already seen how that situation helped Patrick Mahomes in his second year. With greater familiarity with the crime and more practice time, Baltimore expects Jackson to take the next step and that there will not be a better synod in Kansas City, which in turn will put his rebuilt defense to the test.

Week 4

Cowboys in Saints
When the fourth day comes, surely Dak Prescott will be under pressure because, well, he's the Cowboys quarterback and so it should be. Dallas has made changes to the offensive control of the game and presumably there will be better help in selecting Prescott. A hard test in the Superdome could set the pace for the rest of the Dallas campaign.

Week 5

Bears in Raiders
Yes, here is a lot of morbidity. Khalil Mack would face the team that lets him go, while Jon Gruden will be under the microscope to try to justify with results because he sold Mack – and Amari Cooper – last season. There may not be much confidence that Oakland can become a contender this year, but it will be interesting to see if Chicago can maintain that label last year.

Week 6

Eagles in Vikings
Two years ago, the eagles crushed the Vikings for the right to represent the national conference in Super Bowl LII. Minnesota then handed over to Kirk Cousins ​​the first contract of its size fully guaranteed in the league's history, thinking it was a big game quarterback. It didn't work, at least in 2018. The cousins ​​will have their revenge, while the Eagles must decipher how to return to the big game after criticizing the Patriots for "not knowing how to have fun", after having beaten them in SB. Nor can we dismiss that neither Philly nor Minny are postseason contenders.

Week 7

Texans to Colts
In the last couple of campaigns, the AFC South has been surprisingly competitive. A mid-season duel between Deshaun Watson's and Andrew Luck Colts's Texans – both after successfully returning from serious injuries – could channel the sector title to one side or the other, of course, waiting to see what they say As for the Jaguars and Titans. However, in the beginning, Texans and Colts may be slightly favored over the other two neighbors.

Week 8

Packer to the leaders
You can't ask him much more than a duel with Aaron Rodgers-Mahomes for this match. In a sense, it could be the delivery of a courier for the title of the most talented NFL quarterback. In any case, a completely healthy Rodgers always has Green Bay fighting for important things, and both Packers and Chiefs could reach this game in the midst of the post-season race.

Week 9

Patriots in Ravens
After an unusually dry three-year period, Baltimore returned to the playoffs last year. We do not lose, we believe, that tag of the team that can play anyone, anywhere, anytime and at this point in the campaign, it will be a good measure to know if the Patriots have real chances to repeat their title.

Week 10

Rams in the Steelers
The reigning NFC champions will have a better idea of ​​Todd Gurley's knee health and the workload he can carry for now. On the other hand, Pittsburgh will already know if James Conner is indeed the perfect substitute for Bell, or just a one-year wonder. This match of the tenth day could offer us one of the most interesting offensive arrests of the land in the campaign.

Week 11

Chiefs at Chargers
The garments are undoubtedly one of the teams that will most appear in the whole campaign. His rival divisional Chargers, seemed like serious candidates to win all last year, until they were overwhelmed by the Pats. This year they can take the next step, and what is best is at the expense of a divisional rival. The fact that it is played at the Azteca stadium only adds one more ingredient to a dish that must be succulent.

Week 12

Packers in 49ers
The Kyle Shanahan-John Lynch project in San Francisco was ambitious, but the results were invisible. The Niners have invested heavily in a free agency over the past two years, and it's time to count revenue. If San Francisco is fighting for its division right now, and before a rival like Green Bay, it means it will have been a successful project. If the 49ers arrive in week 12 thinking of one of the highest selections in the next draft, then it might be time to change direction.

Week 13

Browns on Steelers
Probably, there is no team that generates more expectations for the following season than the Browns. Baker Mayfield has had a successful rookie season, the same as Nick Chubb and Denzel Ward, and Myles Garrett has established himself as a defensive off off. But it is not certain that Cleveland, with the arrival of Odell Beckham, will automatically become a contender. C & # 39; is a new head coach, and above all has no experience in the position. For this team, there is no better Synod of Steelers who have dominated them in pleasure for many, many years.

Week 14

Chiefs of Patriots
Will it be just the memory of the past AFC Championship Game, or maybe a snack for the next? It is difficult to think of two favorites for the American conference without mentioning leaders and patriots. These two teams gave us two great games last year, and the same can happen in 2019.

Week 15

Vikings in chargers
Towards the end of the season, the divisional duels are paying attention, but a duel like this between Vikes and Bolts may be the most surprising of Week 15. Both teams could be fighting in the playoffs and the fact that if This is an inter-conference game, it could be a thermometer for what lies ahead in the LIV Super Bowl.

Week 16

Crows in brown
Is it possible to think that Ravens and Browns are fighting the AFC North title when week 16 arrives? If we believe in Las Vegas bettors, yes. Both will arrive with second-year quarterbacks fully seated – or not – in their respective offenses, and supported by quality defenses. The big difference here could be the banking experience in favor of John Harbaugh.

Week 17

Saints in Panthers
Few divisions have enjoyed such close matches for post-season posts in recent years as NFC South, and it is entirely possible that this sector will once again put three teams in the playoffs. It is easy to assume that the saints and panthers would be involved in the struggle, as we know about them from recent campaigns. If the NFC South is not resolved by this point, New Orleans and Carolina could give us a classic.


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