The 17-year-old Russian handball player died on his birthday –


The 17 year old handball player from the German Tikhonov palace team fell from the balcony for his birthday. This was said by the trainer David Danelia, quoted by Sport24.

According to Danelia, the tragedy took place on Friday, November 30th. The trainer said that he had called his student that day and Tikhonov was in a good mood. "For what I understood, at that moment he was just coming out of his apartment and he was not drunk, but for some reason he ended up in a strange house, where even his friends did not even have, went upstairs and …" said Danelia

Investigators found traces of Tikhonov on the balcony. At the same time, there is no mention of a violent death: according to the records of security cameras, a handball player entered alone.

Danelia said that Tikhonov was a calm and intelligent boy, without bad habits. For some time he suspended his career for study reasons at the College of Mathematics, but a few months ago he returned to the team.

On 3 December, Moscow footballer "Lokomotiv" Alexey Lomakin was found dead. He passed away on November 30th when he went to the medical center of the treatment club. The athlete spent the night on the spot, after which he stopped communicating. Mum was able to find out that her son was drinking alcohol in the company of a friend.

Lomakin movement hit the security camera. He fell from a cliff when he headed for the Gorodnya River in the south of Moscow. The footballer has broken a leg. According to preliminary data, the cause of his death was hypothermia.

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