The 1st and premium class IC + car will run from Monday

The roadshow showcasing the IC + family at four locations over three weekends is over. From Monday, October 11, during the two-week demonstration period, we will be able to travel on the new 1st and premium class IC + car, on DÁLIA and VÉRCSE round-trip IC flights. Who October 11-24. second or first class ticket for these flights, you can also try out the services of the new class 1 and premium IC + car, the MÁV.

On three Saturdays, at four locations – in Szolnok, Debrecen, Nyíregyháza and Miskolc – the railway company organized a presentation of the IC + family. The program series was a great success, with hundreds curious about the new IC + cars and going through the assembly line up the entire IC + family, trying out premium cabs with 1st class leather upholstery, or tasting the Passenger’s offerings.

The IC + car of the 1st and premium (1+) class, equipped with a bistro section, quiet and premium cabs, is a real novelty in Hungarian railway transport. October 11-24 An IC + first class car will be available between Budapest Keleti – Miskolc – Nyíregyháza – Debrecen – Szolnok – Budapest on the Western IC line, in the DÁLIA IC starting at 7.30 pm from Keleti railway station and from Nyugati railway station at 14:18. age recurring SPRING IC. During this two-week demonstration period (with the exception of the weekend of 16-17 October, when the schedule changes due to track closures and IC + Class 1 will not operate), anyone who has exchanged a second or first class ticket for these flights can try the new 1 and premium class IC + car services, even a premium cab with leather seats. On the occasion of the car’s launch, the Passenger Supply awaits passengers with an updated offer in the Business Waiting Room at the Eastern Railway Station: the free offer will be expanded with new sandwiches, fruit, sweet and savory cakes, as well as seasonal flavored coffees and cocktails from 11 October.

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Source: MÁV

From October 25, four such cars will run on the scheduled IC, as well as on the Záhony – Nyíregyháza – Budapest and Sátoraljaújhely – Miskolc – Budapest IC flights, passengers can meet the new IC + 1st and premium class cars on 6-7 trains a day. From now on, ticket exchange will be mandatory. The “normal” Class 1 ticket and seat ticket must be redeemed for the car’s Class 1 seats and the quiet cab. passengers are treated to free coffee or tea by the Passenger Supply in the bistro section.

Two years ago, in August 2019, the production of the seventy IC + planned for domestic traffic began. Of these, 35 second-class multi-purpose bulk cars have been completed, so currently 55 IC + vehicles run on the country’s railway lines, and the production of 35 first-class bistro vehicles in Szolnok is underway.

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