The 2 countries that are stuck for Apple and where Xiaomi and Samsung sweep

Although in many countries the iPhone sweep in sales, there are still rebels.

That Apple is one of the brands that sells the most phones in the world is beyond doubt. With each passing year iPhones reinforce their hegemony, its base model being the best-selling smartphone in more and more Western countries.

In fact, in countries like United States or Canada its users only want to carry phones with the bitten apple on the back in their pocket.

However, there are two countries where Apple is choked on sales. Two countries that do not want to know anything about half-eaten apples and in which other brands such as Xiaomi or Samsung sweep. Do you want to know what they are?

These two countries completely pass Apple

You will not see any iPhone on the street in these countries

A Counterpoint study, a leading market analyst firm, reveals that, even today, there are still countries where Apple can’t get started and in which other brands such as Xiaomi or Samsung completely sweep.

One of these countries is India, and that is In the second market in the world, iPhones are conspicuous by their absence and it is Xiaomi who reigns supreme. The Redmi Note 8 has a market share of 14% followed by the Redmi 8 and the Redmi Note 9 Pro. In fourth position is the Redmi 8A and in fifth the Redmi Note 8 Pro. As we can see, a lot of variety of brands There is not.

The second country is South Korea homeland of Samsung. How could it be otherwise, it is this brand that occupies all the top sales. In first position the Galaxy A90, followed by the Galaxy S20 Plus with a 10% market share, whose analysis you can consult in the following link. In third place the normal S20 followed by the Galaxy A50 in fourth and the A10e in fifth.

In summary, Apple has it difficult in developing countries where a terminal with the price of the iPhone will always have it raw and in countries like South Korea or even China, where foreign brands, like Samsung in the case of Korea and OPPO or Huawei in the case of China, simply they sweep.

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