The 2024 Selectivity will have the same number of tests as before and will be chosen to be examined between History of Spain or Philosophy

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The draft ministerial order for the University entrance test for the 2023-2024 academic year will maintain the same number of subjects to be examined as in previous courses and, in application of the latest educational law (Lomloe), it will be necessary to choose whether to take the exam. of History of Spain o History of Philosophy.

The future order with the characteristics, design and content of this evaluation, to which Efe has had access, will be presented today, Wednesday, by the Ministries of Education and Universities to students, families, institute directors, autonomous communities and universities.

Although the Government planned to approve the royal decree of the new Ebau -which had already been drafted-, the electoral call of July 23 and the consequent entry into office of the Government limited its management to ordinary public affairs and did not proceed to its approval as it would have entailed a condition for the future Executive.

The test in 2023-2024 will be similar to the one that has been carried out in recent years and there are only minimal modifications to adjust it to the organization and curriculum derived from the Lomloe, whose implementation has been completed this course.

In this way, the same duration (90 minutes per test) and the same number of subjects to be examined as before are maintained: the mandatory one of the modality and three common ones (four in the case of communities with a co-official language).

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