The 2nd Hangzhou Citizens’ Day theme activities were successfully launched at the Wonderful Bright Pavilion, the Children’s Heart Painting Pavilion, the Talent Auction Pavilion, the Vitality Pavilion, and the Citizens’ Exploration Pavilion-Hangzhou News Center-Hangzhou Net

The 2nd Hangzhou Citizens’ Day theme activities were successfully launched

City Express News Bright Pavilion, Painting Pavilion, Auction Pavilion, Exhibition Pavilion, Exploration Pavilion!

On the morning of May 3, the 2nd Hangzhou Citizens’ Day “Walking to the venues with happiness, all the people welcome the Asian Games” was held in the Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center Gymnasium (the second floor platform), and the “five halls” were used to ignite the enthusiasm of the Asian Games. The event was sponsored by the Propaganda Department of the Hangzhou Municipal Party Committee, the Propaganda Department and the Venue Construction Department of the Organizing Committee of the 19th Asian Games in Hangzhou in 2022, undertaken by City Express and the City Brand Promotion Association, Asian Games venue builders, representatives of citizens from all walks of life, as well as the More than 200 people including provincial and municipal media reporters participated together to celebrate the festival and welcome the Asian Games.

Welcome to the Asian Games with a warm atmosphere

The construction of venues and facilities for the Asian Games is a solid foundation for the success of the Asian Games. As early as March 31, all 56 competition venues of the Hangzhou Asian (Disabled) Games have been completed and the acceptance of the event functions has been completed. At the event site, a wonderful VCR “Bright Pavilion” took everyone into the Asian Games competition venues and had a first-hand experience of the Asian Games style of the city of Hangzhou. The anchors of the social platform use a short video to teach everyone how to “shoot the venue” and become the “popularity responsible” for the venue’s check-in. Four primary school students from different schools in Hangzhou painted the Asian Games venues in their hearts with paintbrushes, and placed the picture frames in their hands into the on-site props in turn to form an oversized postcard for the Hangzhou Asian Games.

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“Let us welcome the Asian Games with a civilized attitude; practice the Asian Games with green actions; participate in the Asian Games with full enthusiasm; help the Asian Games with an inclusive attitude; add color to the Asian Games with cultural heritage; the Asian Games, with you and me…” Hangzhou Representatives from all walks of life jointly launched the initiative of “heart-to-heart integration to welcome the Asian Games”. Afterwards, the leading guests who participated in the event presented flags to the representatives of the citizen experience officers.

The magnificent venues and splendid programs made the audience linger. “The young people are very energetic, and the host is also funny and humorous, showing the culture and charm of our Hangzhou. The atmosphere is very warm, I think it is very good.” Citizen Zhao Jinlan said happily.

Citizens visit museum attracts many citizens

After the launching ceremony, the citizens’ “exploring the museum” activity also set off immediately. Under the guidance of different themes of “Happiness Banner”, the 5th line of citizen experience officers entered the Asian Games venues and felt the culture of the Asian Games.

Tay Ung from the UK is an industrial designer who has been in Hangzhou for four years. “I have been in Hangzhou for many years, and I have been watching the city busy for the Asian Games, but I have never walked into the Asian Games venues.” Tay Ung said, visiting “Glasses” (Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center Gymnasium, Swimming Pool) for the first time. ), was shocked by the venues: “The venues are very cool, and each venue has different characteristics, which is really great.”

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The citizen experience officers of the “Wudong Qiankun” route visited the Huanglong Sports Center and the gymnasium of the Lin’an Sports Culture Convention and Exhibition Center successively. In Huanglong, everyone had a deep understanding of the venue after the “transformation”, and also tried the foot feel on the brand-new runway, and felt the feeling of overlooking the audience in the stands, and the excitement was beyond words. “The runway is completely different from before, and the foot feels very comfortable. The newly added LED screen is also very good, and it can be seen clearly under such strong sunlight. There is also the rainbow runway outside, which can be punched in front of the screen, It’s too high-tech!” Ms. Long said that she had never had the opportunity to walk into the Asian Games venue before, but now she has the opportunity to participate in this event and experience the venue facilities in person, which is a great feeling.

In the gymnasium of Lin’an Sports Culture Convention and Exhibition Center, citizens entered the arena from the athlete’s passage and experienced an athlete’s perspective. Citizen Ms. Zhao said: “The Asian Games venues in Hangzhou fully reflect the wisdom of Hangzhou, technological Hangzhou, and cultural Hangzhou, and such a close visit to the venue also shows that the preparatory work for the Asian Games has been done very well.”

Gathering strength, everyone is the host

On May 3, 1949, Hangzhou, which had experienced a long night, declared its liberation. For Hangzhou people, this was an epoch-making day in the history of Hangzhou. Since then, the people of Hangzhou have been the masters, and the history of Hangzhou has turned a new page. In the 73 years of vicissitudes of life, the people of Hangzhou bravely stood at the forefront and worked hard, creating brilliant achievements and forging the city of happiness today.

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The 67-year-old Mr. Wang Zilu is an observer of the weather in Lakeside, Shangcheng District, Hangzhou. Mr. Wang Lao’s ancestral home is Shandong. When he was three years old, he went to live in Hangzhou with his father. It has been 64 years now. Looking at the changes of the city of Hangzhou all the way, he has also become an out-and-out “Old Hangzhou”. Mr. Wang is very proud to be able to participate in the Citizens Day activities and visit the Asian Games venues: “The upcoming Asian Games in Hangzhou is closely related to everyone in the city. I sincerely wish the Asian Games to be held successfully!”

Hangzhou Citizens Day will arouse the sense of historical responsibility and mission of Hangzhou people, further gather strength, jointly hold a successful, exciting and classic Asian Games, and achieve a high level of “run a meeting well and improve a city”, so that the world can understand Hangzhou , Let Hangzhou go to the world.

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Source: City Express Author: reporter Yang Yiqi, trainee Chen Jingming, photographer Jiang Yue Editor: Zhang Zhai

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