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The trends are renewed on Netflix and for that reason, there are three films that are unmissable since they are the most viewed on the platform.

The 3 movies that are trending on Netflix.

Options in the catalog Netflix they are renewed frequently. For this reason, trends often vary. Currently, there are three movies that are the most viewed in the platform and that you cannot miss.

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Both movies and series are all the rage and do not go unnoticed. His compelling stories tend to captivate so much that when recommended, many watch them and become the new trends.

The 3 movies that are currently the most viewed on Netflix are:

The phantom thread

The 2018 film is based on the 1950s and takes place in London. The story follows the lives of the Reynolds brothers and Cyril Woodcock, who are renowned for their work as clothing designers.

However, the love for the young Alma will mark a tension in the relationship. Going even mad. Her acclaimed production received several Oscar nominations.

Father Figures

The film consists of the story of two brothers who discover that their father is not dead. For this reason, they go on a car trip to try to find him. Throughout the road movie emotional moments are appreciated as well as humor.

Although the film starring Owen Wilson and Katie Aselton among others, did not receive a good review, in Netflix sets trends for its popularity and fun.

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My master octopus

The film consists of a documentary filmed in South Africa showing the year that Craig Foster spent with a wild octopus. In this way, the life of the marine animal is closely reflected.

The production stands out for the quality and beauty of the images as well as the narrative ingenuity in the story about nature.

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