The 3 tips for this Monday, May 16

The sure hit

510 Roberta Has (7:00 p.m.): She had won the race when she ejected her jockey at the reception of the last hurdle the last time. Often at fault, it returns to hurdles with legitimate ambitions, a specialty in which it has never disappointed. Moreover, it is the highest value of the race. This Listed winner has a lot going for her game.

The gamble

311 A Love of Risk (5:55 p.m.): After a studious winter on the Côte d’Azur, this resident ofAlice Baudrelle seems competitive for places in 52 value. Capable of running fresh and indifferent to the state of the ground, it can be placed on a racetrack where it has already done well, especially since it benefits from the relief of Nathalie Desoutter.

Love at first sight

805 Pinnacle (8:30 p.m.): This 5-year-old only gave in at the very end against his elders in the Grande Course de Haies de Printemps. Faced with his contemporaries, he finds an easier task. Going on a course, he can go far.

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