The 5-year-old Dominican boy dies after suffering anger


Santo Domingo – A 5-year-old boy who has been incarcerated in the Robert Reid Cabral Children's Hospital of Santo Domingo died Saturday morning after suffering from human rage, the Deputy Director of the health center told Efe Clement Terrero.

The child, who entered the hospital 10 days ago, remained in a state of induced coma and yesterday his condition began to worsen, presenting respiratory, cerebral and cardiac problems, the doctor explained.

With this death, the number of deaths this year in the country rises to four because of this disease, this being the second minor who dies in less than a month.

Terrero demanded "strong intervention" from the authorities so that there are no new cases of human rage, the result of which usually leads to the patient's death, he said.

The boy was bitten by a dog on November 19 in Pedernales, in the southwest of the Dominican Republic, and 10 days later he underwent a rabies vaccination program, receiving four doses, according to a report released at the time. era from the Robert Reid Cabral hospital.

Last Friday, December 14, another minor, aged 6, died of human rage in the aforementioned hospital, where he arrived from Pedernales, after being bitten about seven months ago by a dog.

According to the Dominican Ministry of Health, between August and September of this year, a day of vaccination of dogs and cats was held in Pedernales, obtaining immunization 4,708 animals of an estimated population of 5,000 animals, with 94.16% coverage.



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