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The 7th National Open of Sports Dance in Jinhua City opened grandly in the Sports Center

2021-05-04 00:05:57

Source: Jinhua Sports Dance Association

On May 1, the 2021 7th China Jinhua Sports Dance National Open was grandly opened at the Jinhua Sports Center. More than 3,800 professional dancers and enthusiasts from all over the country participated in the competition.

(Image source: Jinhua Daily)

With more than 160 events, this competition is a large-scale, national sports and dance event with a complete range of events, a large number of participants, and a very high level. At the opening ceremony, the highly skilled sports and dance professional contestants showed their superb dance skills.

The contestants participating in this competition include those who have won awards in major sports dance competitions across the country, as well as outstanding Internet celebrity contestants. The contestants danced incisively and vividly in the high-standard stage floor, colorful stage lighting and high-quality sound. It demonstrated super-high technical level and artistic expressiveness, and the graceful dancing posture of the contestants made the audience fully feel the charm of sports dance.

The event was confirmed by the China Dance Sports Federation, hosted by the Jinhua Sports Bureau and the Jinhua Sports Federation, and undertaken by the Jinhua Sports Dance Association. The competition lasts for two days. Ninety-two representative teams and national referees from all over the country participate in it. The total amount of prize money reaches 100,000 yuan. It is a veritable high-level, high-standard, modular, and modern high-level national sports dance competition. .

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