The 8 steps: he broke down in tears and Pampita had to intervene immediately

On Tuesday night, in The 8 steps of the two million (eltrece), a emotional fact that shook the feelings of Carolina “Pampita” Ardohain. In the first instance of the game, Delfina failed in her response and lost the opportunity to advance. Upon hearing the correct result, she broke down live and the model immediately jumped in.

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Pampita hugged a participant who fell apart live

These types of events are usually common within a program where the contestants carry an emotional life history behind them, which encourages them to appear in the 8 steps. This is what happened to Delfina, who from the beginning of the game showed a sad face. On a day in which Diana returned for the $6,000,000, Guido Kaczka made a caveat at the beginning and asked: “Did something happen to you?” Meanwhile, she assured that she felt the nerves of being a beginner.

“Everything is fine,” said the participant while wiping away tears. In support, a colleague noted: “We are all in the same, I am holding on”. Minutes later the driver insisted due to Delfina’s state of mind, who, after hearing the result of the first question, became aware that she would not ascend to the next steps and burst into tears. “You were crying because of the emotion of being on television,” remarked the presenter to which she replied: “It’s a lot. Is heavy.

“Well, you get out of the game. Do you want to stay or do you want to go?” Guido questioned and the player agreed to stay there. In the midst of Delfina’s tears, Pampita intervened driving with an unusual question: “Can I give you a hug?”. At that moment, the model came down the steps and approached with open arms.

After melting into a deep hug, the two had a brief chat in which Pampita tried to calm Delfina down. “He is very sensitive,” Guido was heard. After that, the program continued with their respective order, where Carina, Diana, Hernán, Gustav, Silvana, Lucila, Silvio and Sebastián ascended to the next step.

After the emotional hug that Carolina “Pampita” Ardohain gave Delfina, another particular event never seen in previous broadcasts happened. In the development of the program, Gustov stepped on the fifth step and had to decide, along with Silvana, which of his teammates were still in the race and who was halfway. Far from voting by affinity, as some tend to do, he baffled everyone -especially Guido Kaczka- with his unusual method of election.

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The unusual method of a participant of The 8 Steps to eliminate a partner

“Gustov, who stays down?” But, to his surprise, the young man gave an unusual answer: “Just when you were asking I did Ta te ti…”. Completely stunned, the driver questioned him: “What did you do?”

I made you lucky for you not to decide and the one who got it is the one who has to stay downstairs and it was Carina “. Beyond the way she chose to choose which opponent would not advance, she found herself between deciding for her or for Sebastián. After a hard-fought dispute with Silvana, in which a coin was used to settle the final answer, Gustov won and his first pick had no chance to continue in the game.


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