The 9-year-old boy who disappeared in the mountains in the Belluno area has been found: he is fine, he has already embraced dad and mom

BELLUNO. It is not yet known where he spent the night in the open but now he is fine, Francesco, the 9-year-old boy from Mestre who had suddenly gone away disappearing from the sight of his father, with whom he was walking over Malga Grant in Col Indes. The discovery took place because the little boy crossed paths with a hiker in Filon del Vivaio, who stopped him and then signaled the helicopter of the firefighters who were flying over the area. Loaded on board, Francesco was taken to base camp, where his parents were waiting for him: they welcomed him with a long hug.

Belluno, the rescue of the nine-year-old boy who disappeared during an excursion

“They gave him food and drink and then returned to accompany him to the emergency room for a check,” said the rescuers. More than 100 people took part in his search, including Alpine Rescue and Speleological Fire Brigade, Alpine Rescue of the Financial Police, with dog units and drones. The father of the boy also participated in the patrols all night, later joined by his mother with her new partner.

Father and son had been on vacation for a few days in Sant’Anna. The child had gone away while his father was consulting some signs indicating the paths in the Pian delle Laste area and the immediate search in the stretch that connects the point to a nearby farmhouse towards which it was hoped the child was directed was useless.

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