The A Coruña firefighters cancel an invoice that requested 485 euros from a mother to clean up the accident in which her son died

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Josep Boan Rosanes He died on August 9, 2020 in the A Coruña town of Dumbria in an accident in which a car hit his motorcycle. Three years later, her mother received an invoice in the name of her deceased son to pay the costs of cleaning the road, 485.50 euros that were finally cancelled, but which left her “destroyed.” .

Mother, María Pilar Rosaneshas been using the social network equal shares” with the driver who caused his son’s accident the costs of cleaning the road.

“They have destroyed me,” the publication concluded, of the invoice, which details that those 485.5 euros correspond to three hours and 22 minutes of work for the Provincial Firefighters Consortium of A Coruñaan organization owned 50% by the Provincial Council and the Council of Galicia.

This mother’s complaint is directed to the Provincial Council as the institution that issues the invoice, although consulted sources point out that the Firefighters Consortium manages this type of fee collection autonomously. Be that as it may, it is the Provincial Council itself that, just a few hours after Pilar’s publication, confirms that the fee has been annulled.

Sources from this institution consulted by THE WORLD They explain that this invoice was issued “in error” and that they “deeply regret it.” As soon as they became aware of what happened, they claim that they contacted the Firefighters Consortium, the invoice was canceled and the driver responsible for the accident will be charged.

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