The absolute majority of the PP launches the reform of the Senate Regulations to delay the approval of the amnesty law

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The proposal to reform the Senate Regulations began its parliamentary journey this Wednesday after its consideration was approved by the absolute majority of the PP. The purpose of this modification is to leave the Board of the Upper House the power to decide whether or not the initiatives sent from Congress are processed through the emergency procedure, which is 20 days instead of the normal maximum of two months.

Without this temporary exceptionality, any law – including the amnesty for those involved in the process that Pedro Sánchez is negotiating with the pro-independence parties – may be delayed if successive extensions of the deadlines for amendments are agreed, thus delaying their final approval and their entry into force. The investiture partners of the socialist candidate for re-election as President of the Government have shown their total disagreement with this measure.

“What we see today is a clear example of political filibustering, promoting parliamentary obstructionism by all means, delaying the processing of a legitimate and democratic initiative that, to this day, has not yet been presented, by the way,” denounced the Junts senatorJosep Lluís Cleries. “They are turning the Senate into the private farm of the PP,” she added.

On behalf of ERC, Joseph Maria Reniu has pointed out, in turn, that the reform “to this” raised ” serves temporary political objectives ” and ” has a simple spurious interest “. In reference to the fact that the process has been initiated precisely by the emergency procedure, he added: ” It is an absolute disregard for the procedural standard of this house. “We are dealing with a lawful proposal to reform the Senate Regulations, it would be necessary, but skipping the same procedure established by the Senate Regulations.”

For the PSOE, the initiative of the popular will remain in “the annals of bad parliamentarism as “an example of not knowing how to administer the absolute majority.” “The real reason is that what Mr. [José María] Aznar, then the lady said it [Isabel Díaz] Ayuso and the Lord [Alberto Núñez] Feijóo strictly complies, which is none other than, preventively, presenting this reform in the face of the possibility of an amnesty law being proposed,” he stressed. Francisco Fajardo.

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