The absurdity in the concentration of the women’s team: meeting with the Government, anger, a ‘bunker’ and fields without artificial light

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Improvisation and feeling of lack of control. The women’s team The concentration started this Tuesday for the debut in the Nations League ante Sweden immersed in the grotesque. Without yet knowing if all the players summoned by Montse Tomé they would come the citation itself is chaos. Most of the footballers, who had not yet decided whether they would respond to the RFEF’s call, received the message late on Monday to travel to Las Rozas, but they woke up with a change of plans. The concentration was no longer going to be at the Federation facilities but at the sports complex Oliva Nova Beach & Golf Resortapproximately one hour from Valencia.

That caused that early this Tuesday, the players of the Atlético and of Real Madrid who had been summoned went to the Tryp Hotel in Barajas, where the coaching staff was already waiting with Montse Tomé in charge. The first to arrive were Athenea del Castillowho did not sign the statement, and also five of the signatory World Champions: Misa Rodriguez,Olga Carmona, Oihane Hernandez, Eva Navarro and Teresa Abelleira.

“I have already said all the things I have to say in my statement. I think I was clear, right? I said I was going to be here,” commented Del Castillo while the rest of the players did not comment upon their arrival. Only Rodríguez answered with a resounding “No” when asked if he agreed with the call. Afterwards, part of the RFEF staff took a taxi from Madrid to Valencia to avoid contact with the footballers who requested the “restructuring” of their departments. Who did not travel on the bus with the players either, but is in the Valencian capital, is Rafa del Amo, president of the National Women’s Soccer Committee. The leader arrived at the concentration hotel in a separate vehicle.

In Valencia the Valencian goalkeeper was waiting for orders Enith Salon and the Levante player Maria Mendez. Joined by the expedition from Madrid, the Manchester City footballer, Lucia Garcia y Laia AlexandriUnited player, in the middle of the afternoon, and some time later María Pérez, Inma Gabarro, Rosa Márquezin addition to Too often

The last to arrive were the FC Barcelona footballers, due to problems with the plane in which they had to travel. Alexia Putellas, Cata Coll, Mariona Caldentey, Irene Paredes y Ona Batlle They were the first to arrive at the Prat airport, and then they joined Aitana Bonmatí, Mapi León y Patri Guijarro. The only one who wanted to make a statement was Alexia. When asked if she understood the non-call for Jenni Hermoso, To protect the player, the Catalan responded: “From what? Everything is fine, right?” She also made reference to how her colleagues feel after entering Montse Tomé’s list. “Well, that’s bad…” said the Barça footballer before the media.

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