The accident that closed the Bolu Mountain Tunnel!

Accident, HAS Highway Bolu occurred in Düzce province border. According to the information received, 16 ACS 504 plate cars under the administration of İdris E. on the way from Ankara to Istanbul and Onur Ç. 34 DDA 194 cars under his administration, 58 FZ 152 plate cars under the direction of Güven D. and 34 SB 0169 plate cars under the direction of Özgür S.

In the accident, driver Özgür S. and 2 people were injured as passengers in other cars. The wounded were taken to hospitals in Düzce and Bolu after the first intervention of the medical teams at the scene. While the TEM Highway is closed to traffic to Istanbul due to the accident, the vehicles are transported from the Abant turnstiles to the D-100 highway. Due to the accident, a long vehicle convoy was also formed on the highway. After the accident, the vehicles were removed from the road with the help of a tractor and the road was opened to traffic.


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