The actor Felipe Nájera announces that he seeks Morena’s candidacy for deputy for the local 17 of BJ


The outstanding soap opera actor Felipe Nájera Arreola, star of Rebel Y The most beautiful ugly, announced that the Benito Juárez mayor of Mexico City is seeking Morena’s candidacy for a local deputation.

Nájera Arreola, born in Nazminiquipa, Chihuahua, 57 years ago, has lived in the country’s capital since the age of 17 and has been a resident of the Juarense demarcation for more than two decades, whose inhabitants he intends to represent as a legislator.

Through his Twitter account, he specified that he formally registered to participate in the survey that will define the nomination for a seat in the capital Congress, by the local 17th district, which corresponds to the eastern part of the mayor’s office currently governed by bread.

“I am happy to share with you: I was registered to participate in the Morena survey to be a candidate for #DiputadoLocal for # Distrito17 in @BJAlcaldia. Where I have been a neighbor for 20 years ”, he put on social networks.
Nájera, who is also a playwright and film director, has participated in 18 telenovelas, including Class 406, Lola Once Upon a Time, Distilling love, Teresa and those already mentioned.

In 2014 he received the TvyNovelas Award in the category of best co-star actor, for his performance in the novel Lie to live. The Chihuahuan actor had previously registered as a candidate for federal deputy for the Fourth Circumscription, on January 15.


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