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The actor receives precious support from one of his ex – La Nouvelle Tribune

The twists no longer end in the conflict between the legendary actor of Pirates of the Caribbean, Johnny Depp to the sublime actress Amber heard. The two stars Hollywood perfect love spun a few years ago before their relationship shattered afterwards. The two personalities now settle their disputes at the level of justice. Amber Heard accuses Depp of domestic violence and at the same time, the actor sues his ex-girlfriend for defamation.

Since the start of the case, Johnny Depp has accused Amber Heard of playing a false game by telling lies about him. It has repeatedly meant that it was Aquaman’s actress who was violent towards him during their relationship. Most recently, the actress Winona Ryder, a former Depp partner, testified on behalf of the Pirates of the Caribbean actor.

Depp, protective and caring

In a letter to the court, Winona Ryder says that she simply cannot believe the accusations of domestic violence against her ex, Johnny Depp because the latter has always been a caring and protective man. She will add that during the time (4 years) that lasted his relationship with Johnny Depp, the actor was never violent towards her.

“He has never been violent to me and has never been abusive to me. Nor has he ever been violent or abusive towards anyone. I only know Johnny as a really good, incredibly loving, extremely caring man who has been so protective of me and the people he loves. I really felt completely safe with him ” meant Winona Ryder who is describing Depp downright opposite of the Amber Heard version.


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