The actress introduces herself as the mother of Suri Cruise


Before he was 10, Suri Cruise had made more dressed lists than most could only dream of.

She was working around the city at Chanel before she could talk, and in 2008, just two years old, she was at the top of Forbes' list of "children of Hollywood power".

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But these days – while it is still largely considered an icon of fashion for its precise tailoring while jumping through the streets of New York City, the life of thirteen-year-old Suri looks very different from the former tot photographed in the entertainment world.

And it is thanks to Katie Holmes that in particular she has moved away from the limelight in recent years.

Ever since she separated from Tom Cruise in 2012 and from the extraordinarily quiet relationship with Jamie Foxx that followed, Holmes remained on the ground, with Suri by her side.

Speaking to Stellar, he said he has a deep connection with his daughter.

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Explaining that her mother Kathleen was instrumental in helping her grow Suri, she said: "I have a very close relationship with my mom and a close relationship with my daughter.

"I received advice from my mother about raising my daughter. I appreciate the bond we all have and I appreciate more and more my mother and the challenges she faced now that I am a mother. "

Holmes welcomed her daughter Suri with her ex-husband Tom Cruise when he was 27, the beginning of years of media obsession with the photogenic trio.

In fact, 10 years ago, the last time Holmes was in Australia shooting a film, Holmes's family life was all that everyone seemed interested in.

Holmes married Cruise, 57, in November 2006, seven months after Suri's birth.

He filed for divorce in June 2012 after five years of marriage.

From the division with Cruise, the Dawson Creek the actress raised Suri alone.

Although neither Holmes nor Cruise have publicly addressed their agreements with parents, Radar Cruise recently reported seeing his daughter 10 days a month, but decides not to.

Whatever the agreement between them, for Holmes, every year he approaches her mini-me daughter.

"I was happy to become a twenty year old mom", Holmes, who is now 40, shared in the December issue of Elle UK.

"It was good that our ages adapted … how can I say that? Every age my son had and my age at that time was a good match. We grew up together."

Times have changed since the mid-2000s, when barely a week would have passed without images of Suri splashed on the tabloids.

More often, it was his style that made people burst.

But now, months after parting with Jamie Foxx after a notoriously silent six-year story, Katie is making headlines for her fashion choices, earning the title of trendsetter once given to her daughter.

After years of keeping herself and her daughter out of the limelight, a usual Holmes dressed in classic style has been pushed into the pages of style, seeming to enjoy her look like never before in bolder designs.

Times in the United Kingdom he greeted an unlikely trendsetter and confirmed that he had led the "sexigan" trend after wearing a $ 2200 Khaite cashmere cardigan and a matching bra; they declared him "indefinably sexy and simple".

Meanwhile, Suri recently made headlines after being photographed with a copy of A tale of handmaids, prompting critics to suggest that the dystopian novel was perhaps more suited to older teenagers.

Holmes's thesis was simply that education "is the number one priority in my home".

But that doesn't mean he doesn't have the same arguments as everyone else about devices, he said Stellar.

"Every parent is challenged by social media and the Internet," he says. "I think for me it's just limiting the amount of time for me and my child. It's important to go out and live

and don't always be on your phone. "

While Suri will not be at Holmes's side during his visit to the encore in Australia next weekend for McHappy Day, as an ambassador for Ronald McDonald House's charitable organizations, he said his daughter understands the importance of his charity work.

"My daughter and I do a lot of volunteering together," said Holmes, who brought Suri to a Syrian refugee camp in Greece at the start of this year.

"I like to volunteer with my daughter, listen to her point of view and listen to her suggestions on how we can help. It is important to go and see for yourself and be part of helping people in every way possible. "

As he advances in a new decade, Holmes is living life on his own terms, he said Stellar.

His last public outing with Foxx was at the Met Gala in May; their apparent division came immediately after. And what about professionally? "I have many projects on the horizon," he said.

In 2016 he directed the film Everything we had, on a mother struggling with the homeless; now he is about to direct two more films: a story between a growing mother and daughter and a dramatic film.

He does not see the time to collaborate again with the producer who has worked The present, a film in which he starred with Cate Blanchett in 2000.

"I love doing all kinds of things. I do interesting things for me and

challenging and things I've never done before, "he says.

"I also like to go from cinema to theater because it's a different daily rhythm, which is exciting in a different way. As an actor I always want to try to improve."

For the full story, Stellar Magazine is available in The Sunday Telegraph, Sunday Herald Sun and The Sunday Mail.

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