The actress took bold pregnancy photos. Shots are breathtaking!

07. 04. 2021 09:14 | PRAGUE /

Only a few expectant mothers dare to take such shots.

Pagáčová Patrimony
Photo: Instagram / patricie.pagacova

SuperStar actress and jury Patrícia Pagáčová is in the joyful anticipation of her first child. Her husband Tibor Pagáč will soon give birth to a baby, and although the blonde did not plan to, she still took pregnancy photos.

However, the two photos she took were completely different. The former, traditional for a magazine, the latter a little more extravagant. Few expectant mothers would dare to do such a thing, but Patricia belongs to the group of the brave. She took pictures underwater!

“Original monument to the belly. I admit that I had no plans for pregnancy photography at all, somehow it just didn’t appeal to me, but in the end I made two exceptions. I took photos with Lucka several times underwater, the result was always great and I don’t regret it! But two photos is enough for me, I’m done with that. When I’m more wide than tall, I don’t see it for the next photo shoot, “the actress wrote with a humor of her own.

Here is a wonderful result of the original photo shoot:

Source: Instagram / patricie.pagacova

Source: Instagram / patricie.pagacova

And this is how underwater photos were taken:

Source: Instagram / patricie.pagacova


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