The actress Yulia Volchkova dies in Ukraine

Honored artist from Ukraine Yulia Volchkova died after a serious illness at the age of 44. This is reported on the website of the Academic Theater of Drama and Comedy in Kiev.

"Yulia Volchkova has given 25 years of life to her profession … Her deep and luminous images on the stage of theater and cinema have consistently shown the utmost devotion to the chosen path," says the report. The theater has expressed condolences in relation to the death of the actress. Information on the date, time and place of the funeral is not reported.

The theater noted that Volchkova graduated from the Karpenko-Kary Kyiv Theater Institute in 1995. From 1998, she began acting in the Theater of Drama and Comedy. During his work in this theater he played about 20 roles. Including in the play "The Perfect Husband" by Oscar Wilde, "The Eternal Husband" by Fyodor Dostoevsky and others. Also since 1995 he has worked at the Alexander Dovzhenko Film Studio.

Volchkova played mainly in serials, such as "Roksolana: the beloved wife of Khalifa", "Birthday Bourgeois", "The ring with turquoise", "Scarlet Cluster Rowan", "Brother for brother" His last work on television was filming the series "The Wires of Destiny".

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