The Aemet warns of heavy rains and storms this afternoon and of the arrival in the Canary Islands of another storm in the coming days

The State Meteorological Agency, Aemet, highlighted this Thursday that the country is still under the influence of a wide Atlantic storm, which is centered in the southwest of Portugal. “If we except the areas of the north of the peninsula, rainfall is practically generalized in the Peninsula and in the Canary Islands, they can be accompanied by storms and be locally strong or persistent in areas of the south of the peninsula, Central System and in the Canary Islands and, from the afternoon , in points of Catalonia and north of the Valencian Community “, affirms the report published this Thursday.

In addition, he adds that the strong wind will continue with very strong gusts in the Canary Islands, in Castilla la Mancha “and locally in storm areas.”

Throughout Friday and Saturday the storm will move towards the east, placing itself over the western Mediterranean and favoring the entry of east winds over the Peninsula, with high humidity content. Rainfall, which will move from the interior and south of the peninsula to the Mediterranean area and the Balearic Islands, may be locally strong and be accompanied by storms and, especially in areas close to the coast, be persistent.

Throughout Saturday a new Atlantic storm will be located west of Portugal, with a new front that will leave rainfall during the afternoon in the southwest of the peninsula. In the Canary Islands, rainfall on Friday and Saturday morning will be weaker, although with persistence in the north of the islands of greater relief, and the wind will tend to subside. Throughout Saturday afternoon the new Atlantic front will also affect the islands, intensifying rainfall, adds Aemet.

It is very likely that on Sunday the Mediterranean storm will continue its displacement towards the east, with an improvement in the Mediterranean area. Simultaneously, the front associated with the new Atlantic storm will leave increasingly dispersed rainfall over the western peninsula and over the Canary Islands.

“There is uncertainty regarding the evolution of this new storm. The most likely scenario places it for several days between the Peninsula and the Canary Islands, with particularly intense showers over the islands, for which AEMET recommends monitoring the warnings and forecast bulletins that they will be broadcast over the next few days, “concludes the report.

A new subtropical cyclone next to the Islands

The United States National Hurricane Center (NHC), located in Miami, also contemplates the possibility of a new tropical cyclone forming in the north of the Canary Islands in the next 5 days. In fact, calculate these probabilities at 20%.

“A non-tropical low pressure area is expected to form in the far eastern Atlantic over the weekend. This system could gradually take on subtropical characteristics as it slowly moves south until early next week,” the NHC reports in your share of this Thursday.


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