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The club from Vyškov enters the new year of the National Football League with great ambitions. Last year’s newcomer of the competition was worried about saving until the last moments, but this year the Moravian club is aiming for higher goals. He has Cameroonian owner Kingsley Pungong behind him, who has big plans for the club.

An African businessman has owned Vyškov for over five years. Last year, the team qualified for the second national league for the first time. In the first season, you coach the team Jana Trousila playing home matches at the famous stadium in Drnovice secured a rescue and finished in twelfth place. Now the local MFK is still thinking about the top half of the table. He wants to advance to the top league within two years, at least that’s what the self-confident owner says.

We are a small but ambitious club. We are well prepared for the season and want to be high in the table. Within 24 months, we want to strive for advancement. Football is unpredictable, but we have to set ourselves the highest goals,” said Pungong, who is the owner of Rainbow World Group, which deals with investments in sports, mining and healthcare.

Owner exists

Even though a Cameroonian has owned a football club from a city of 20,000 for over five years, many people had no idea of ​​its existence. The businessman arrived in the Czech Republic after two and a half years. According to him, the main reason was covid, which significantly limited travel. Even considering the long break, it was a big surprise for everyone when he appeared at the press conference.

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It was an experience to meet and shake hands with Mr. Kingsley. Sometimes we wondered if it even existed. I listened to his development plans regarding the city and agreed on further cooperation,” described the mayor of Vyško Karel Jurek (ODS).

The reinforcements have a ban on French

Vyškov’s football players set out for the bold goal of being in the top half of the table this year, vigorously already on Saturday, when they crushed Chrudim 3:0 on their home field. The club mainly relies on the experienced 39-year-old forward Michal Klesa, Slovak stopper Pavol Ilk and midfielder Lukáš Lahodný. In addition, midfielder Tomáš Weber from Třinec and David Krška from Lišně were added to the team.

Thanks to the connections of the owner, several foreign reinforcements also appeared in the section. The Liberian Sampson Dweh is fighting for a place in the defense, the Moroccan Bakra Abdellaoia, the Cameroonian Alexis Alégué or Adam Fofana from the Ivory Coast are fighting for a position in the midfield, who made his mark in his first league start. Senegalese football player Alioune Ndou will take charge of the attack for a change. Despite the large number of foreign players, coach Trousil believes that the team will work together on the field.

I heard at training that the players are having fun in French. We immediately ticked that off. Only Czech and English are allowed. At home, let the players talk as they want, but on the pitch they have to. I am a supporter of learning Czech. They will understand the exercises much better and acclimatize better in a foreign country,Trousil said.

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They increased the budget

The Vyškovský team plays its home matches again this year in Drnovice at the local stadium. The club increased the budget for this season by almost twenty percent. The MFK executive did not want to say what amount is involved Martin Cottage specific. “We’ll keep it to ourselves. An increase is possible after the autumn part. But we will also see how high our energy bills end up being. We expect accounts by the end of the year,Chalupecký stated.

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