World The agency of medicines recommends that the use of...

The agency of medicines recommends that the use of the remdesivir against the Covid-19

The The European Medicines agency (EMA acronym in English) has recommended that the approval is conditional, the antiviral drug that is remdesivir for the treatment of patients infected with the new coronaviruses in Europe.

The agency recommends the use of this medicine, which belongs to the u.s. laboratory Gilead, in adults and children over 12 years of age with pneumonia and in need of support at the level of breathing.

At the end of the Aprilthen there was the record of the positives in terms of treating people another with the new one coronaviruses use of this medicine. At this time, the scientists have found that the use of the Remdesiviran antiviral medication to use in the hospital initially, designed against Ebola, would bring clear benefits to the patients, so they thought it was things do not proceed with the experiment.

The results of this study indicate that it is more effective if it is administered to patients with pneumonia presenting to the lack of oxygen, but they also don’t require ventilation mec.âday.

In the United States, the agency and medicines authorised with effect from 1 May, the use of the remdesivir in the hospitals, and, in severe cases, followed by the India, South korea, and Japan.

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