The agony of the Palau de la Música continues

Wounds have accumulated on the skin of the Palau de la Música. Since the doors closed in June 2019 after the ceilings of the Iturbi and Rodrigo rooms were detached, the incidents have not stopped happening, marking an agonizing and continuous trajectory whose obstacles to being able to move forward with the reform project have not yet been overcome.

The Temporary Union of Companies (UTE) formed by Paredes Pedrosa Arquitectos and Valnu Servicios Ingeniería appealed three months agosis the award to Santatecla Arquitectos of the drafting of the project for the rehabilitation of the auditorium, and there is still no response. So far no resolution has come, as confirmed to THE PROVINCES municipal sources and also from the architecture studio Paredes Pedrosa.

The main consequence of this action, and that keeps the audience paralyzed, is that since the appeal was filed –in early October– the procedure that should lead to the rehabilitation of the space has been paralyzed and, as the Department of Management recalled yesterday of Resources “until the court is ruled, there is nothing.” And it is not known when the Administrative Contracting Court could rule. Municipal sources recalled that it usually takes “an average of two months”,

This situation leads to the Palau de la Música not being able to register the entry of the masons inside the building to start the long-awaited rehabilitation of the space, a necessary intervention so that the musical activity returns to the rooms of the municipal auditorium, space managed by the Department of Cultural Resources directed by the mayor Glòria Tello.

When the filing of the appeal by the aforementioned UTE was known, the Councilor for Resource Management, Luisa Notario, already pointed out to THE PROVINCES that it was “one more stone on the road.” This made it clear that the tour was interrupted, and it was not the first time. Previously, it was necessary to wait for the resolution of another appeal, the one presented by the College of Architects and which already represented a break.

Finally last September the drafting of the project was awarded, something that came late, since in principle it was expected that the award of the drafting would take place in March. The deadlines at the Palau have never been met and the delays have been added to a hazardous trajectory that keeps one of the most emblematic cultural spaces of the Turia capital closed.

The Paredes Pedrosa study explained at the time that in the appeal they requested the “nullity of the procedure” on understanding that the proposal awarded – in mid-September – does not “cover what is explained in the specifications” for the execution of the project, as explained by Ignacio García Pedrosa, director of Paredes Pedrosa Arquitectos. The appellants based their position on the fact that the statement speaks of an action in the “totality” and in relation to the replacement of the acoustic reflectors, however they understood that the winning proposal “does not change the totality. Only those that are necessary. They do not propose to change all acoustic reflectors. ‘

They also highlighted that when the auditorium was built, a 1984 project by the architect García de Paredes, the auditorium “offered acoustics that were very different from other rooms.” And they recalled that the specifications for the reform proposed to recover the bases of the original, that of García de Paredes.


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