The agreement between PSOE and Sumar reveals a tax reform to increase income by up to 40,000 million

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The PSOE and Sumar government agreement includes a tax reform with which to dramatically increase income, so much so that in the document presented yesterday by the acting president of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, and the second vice president, Yolanda Díaz, a target of up to 40 billion was discovered of euros more in resources.

«Giving continuity to the first measures deployed in the previous legislature and the work of the Commission of Experts, we will promote a global reform of the Spanish tax system to improve its progressivity and reduce the gap in income over GDP with respect to the European average [46% del PIB] at the end of the legislature», states the aforementioned document.

At the end of 2022, and according to Eurostat, Spain’s income level was at 42.6% of GDP, while the European Union average slightly exceeded the 46% targeted by PSOE and Sumar. The difference, therefore, is close to four points of GDP, which is around 40 billion. A truly remarkable figure.

This data includes tax and non-tax income, among which are contributions, fees, tolls or even land sales. But the bulk of the figure comes from taxes, and key to the aforementioned increase is the strong tax increase that both groups want to impose on large companies and that, according to Díaz, alone will contribute a total of 10,000 million.

The tax reform that will be applied, provided that Sánchez’s investiture is successful, “will ensure that 15% effective taxation is reached on the accounting results of large companies in corporate tax under the terms agreed at a global level and in the EU.” », says the document. Or, in Díaz’s opinion: «About real benefits» and «not about what [las empresas] They tell us what they perceive. Because the leader of Sumar considers that large companies carry out “tax engineering” to pay much less taxes.

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