News The agreement puts pressure on partners from the United...

The agreement puts pressure on partners from the United Right

– We call on our coalition partners to accelerate the work – the spokesperson of Magdalena Sroka appeals through the mouth of the Agreement. One of the smaller coalition partners of the United Right wants to finalize talks on the coalition agreement later this week.

– The agreement from the beginning of the negotiations of the new coalition agreement was in favor of finalizing the works as soon as possible, so as not to extend the state of suspension that had to occur in some ministries and other state institutions – said Magdalena Sroka, the spokesman of the Agreement, to Interia.

– That is why we call on our coalition partners to accelerate the work. In particular, we consider it urgent to continue work on the new program. We are ready to finish these works this week – declares Sroka.

The talks on the new coalition agreement have been dragging on for a long time. In the first stage, Łukasz Schreiber (PiS), Marcin Ociepa (Agreement) and Michał Woś (Solidarna Polska) worked on it. In early September, the leaders of the United Right entered the game and negotiations gained momentum.

Parallel to the negotiations on the new coalition agreement, the leaders of the United Right are discussing the reconstruction of the government. According to Jarosław Kaczyński’s announcement, the Council of Ministers is to operate more efficiently and consist of a smaller number of ministries.

On Tuesday (September 15) at On 14, another round of talks began. The Agreement seems impatient with the protracted negotiations, which the party spokesman tries to put under pressure on his partners. As Jakub Szczepański wrote in Interia, the most important arrangements have already been made, and Jarosław Gowin is to return to the government. Jadwiga Emilewicz is to be outside the government.

Łukasz Szpyrka


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