The airline worker slammed the costume for a homeless person


An airline worker in the United States who dressed as a homeless man "trying to return to Puerto Rico or Cuba" is thrown into social media for what some call a "racist and highly offensive" representation.

The JetBlue employee dresses up as a homeless man with ripped and dirty clothes, with a homemade cardboard sign around the neck that reads “Homeless. You need help trying to get home to Puerto Rico or Cuba, ”shows a picture of the worker posted on Twitter.

"This was the custom of a JetBlue employee at Fort Lauderdale, FL", Twitter user @ nats2548 wrote a photo of the worker standing in the JetBlue terminal in Fort Lauderdale International Airport -Hollywood. "I want to read your opinions."

The criticisms swelled quickly, with some demanding that the worker be fired.

"@JetBlue needs to fire her a – and issue a public apology for her costume because I find it highly offensive and … Personally I won't fly JetBlue until they make excuses …" commented Twitter user @ dominopr777.

Others claimed that the costume was deaf to hurricane Maria survivors, the worst natural disaster in Puerto Rican history. The storm of 2017 caused the death of over 3,000 people and thousands more homeless.

JetBlue is the largest airline in Puerto Rico, while Fort Lauderdale is almost 20% Latin, according to NBC News.

The company apologized in a statement to the network and stated that "the situation was immediately resolved".

"In the spirit of Halloween, the crew members are invited to celebrate in costume, but a member of the crew has chosen a clearly insensitive costume not in line with our policy on costumes," said Derek Dombrowski , responsible for JetBlue business communications.

This article originally appeared on New York Post and has been republished with permission



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