the AirPods 2 are now really cheap

Are you looking for a set of Apple earbuds? Good news, because the AirPods 2 are really cheap now!

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AirPods 2: earplugs have never been this cheap

The AirPods 2 (or AirPods second generation) appeared a few years ago, but the earbuds can still go along just fine. And now all the way, because the AirPods 2 have never been so cheap.

You already have a set of AirPods 2 124,95 euro at If you buy the AirPods 2 from Apple, you pay 159 euros. So that’s how you save 34 euro! Click the button below for the offer!

Are the earbuds at Amazon already sold out? Or do you prefer to order them somewhere else? They are also on offer at, but then you pay a little more: 129 euro.

Please note, because both offers are not valid indefinitely. Again: OP = OP. Are you too late and has the offer already gone? Then don’t worry, because if you like our AirPods 2 price comparator you can always get the earplugs cheaply. Just make sure you buy the AirPods 2 (from 2019).

Compare Apple AirPods prices

AirPods 2 in brief

With full AirPods 2 you can enjoy your music continuously for up to 5 hours. The earphones charge automatically in the charging case. Do you put the earphones in the charging case for 15 minutes? Then you can listen to music for another 3 hours. With a full charging case you can listen to music for 24 hours.

In addition, the AirPods 2 can connect to all your Apple devices at lightning speed. Thanks to the H1 chip, they can also be used hands-free with Siri. You do this by yelling “Hey Siri.”

Note: two versions of AirPods 2

Please note: there are currently two types of AirPods 2 for sale, a set with a wireless charging case and a version with the regular box. This offer is for the AirPods 2 with a regular charging case.

This charges your AirPods 2 wirelessly in the storage case, but the box itself cannot be charged wirelessly. You still have to charge this box via the included lightning charging cable.

Upgrade AirPods

Do you want AirPods, but are you looking for earplugs with noise reduction? Then you have to go to the AirPods Pro 2 are. They ensure that you are no longer bothered by annoying ambient noise. Do you want the AirPods Pro 2 as cheap as possible? Check our comparator for the best price!

Compare Apple AirPods Pro 2 prices

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